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    Having to look up at my buffs to find out that I have 5 stacks of maelstrom, then down at my action bars, an all over the damn screen instead of being able to have everything centralized would be a nightmare. If they got rid of everything except say, weakauras? I might be okay with that. I'd just need to find a way to hide everything else that isn't necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    I'd have no problem with them removing DPS meters and encounter addons, but the default UI is very hard for me to play with, and I have so many quality of life addons that I think the overall impact would be significant enough to greatly impact the enjoyment I get from playing. I think healing would be quite uncomfortable for me with the default UI and keybinds.
    Oh, no. There's no way to remove meters without removing the combat log, and losing the combat log (and consequently all the analysis) would be pretty unpleasant.

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    When I was subbed I never really used addons much. I used Recount to see how I was performing, used DBM, had a dot timer for my SPriest, and had a "random mount" addon thing, but nothing I couldn't live without. If I decide to come back at some point, removal of addons wouldn't make me not come back, and if I was playing currently, removal of addons wouldn't make me quit.

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    It would be a huge quality of life drop in game for a start. With addons like Postal for example. Pretty sure everyone would get used to the interface after a small period of adjustment, but there would be a lot of complaints about addons such as Reforgelite, Postal etc. Basically, i assume a large outcry. Suffice to say this will never happen .

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    unless the replace them with their own built in version, I'd stop playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Advent View Post
    Having to look up at my buffs to find out that I have 5 stacks of maelstrom, then down at my action bars, an all over the damn screen instead of being able to have everything centralized would be a nightmare. If they got rid of everything except say, weakauras? I might be okay with that. I'd just need to find a way to hide everything else that isn't necessary.
    I'm confused. Blizz's UI announces when you have 5 stacks of Maestrom, you don't have to watch the buff bar for that even if you don't have an addon for it. Likewise, removal of addon support wouldn't mean the removal of hotkeys, so why would you have to look at your action bar if you don't currently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayb View Post
    I don't use any addons so it wouldn't bother me.
    I use some addons. It wouldn't bother me. As a raid leader; since Flame Leviathan I've grown to hate the expression "My UI addon seems to be bugging this thing up". WoW without addons would be a better game for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    You are full of shit.

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    I have a few addons like healbot, bartender, sexymap, gathermate, and atlasloot... even though I have my UI set up a certain way. I could adapt and overcome.

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    It would make the game more challenging especially for the HC raiders lol. But I don't know if I could go without skada/recount with having it this long, Seeing my numbers motivates me to do better.

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    I started in Vanilla, with no add-on...but it was in 2004.
    If they were to remove the add-ons, I expect them to rework the UI and give it the tweaking expected in 2014, or I would just cancel all my 4 accounts (I dont care much about Skada or Big Wigs but more about the Postal, Bagon and all others that give that outdated game the functionalities I get with the add-ons).

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    "What If", this will never happen since addons are a huge part of WoW.
    But what would I do in the scenario? Quit.
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    I would probably stop playing i guess. Over the years i build my own theme of addons and styles. I never used pre made add-on packs. When i had a problem that i wanted to fix i looked for an addon that could fit my needs and added it to my ui. I remember the early days of grid. A few weeks before or after BC came out. That day changed so much for me

    But yeah , this will never happen. That would be like if Bethesda go and said " yo people , no mods for eny TES game in the future" (i'm talking about the solo games)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelly View Post
    No more DBM, no more custom interface, no more recount or SKADA.


    Only thing replaced being the ability to customize your interface a bit but still within the confines of WoW's default.

    Would you continue to play?

    Could you continue to play?
    They wouldn't do that. The game was built from day one to be modified. It is a core part of the game. It was one of the big things people wanted when asked by Blizzard when they polled other MMO players while developing WoW. With that said, It wouldn't bother me at all. I use the Default UI and mogit, I'm supposed to use DBM in raid but I Don't. Raid leads call out timers and I'm used to following audio and visual cues, and notice when targeted with debuff that requires me to move or standstill or what have you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaty View Post
    how? blizzard themselves said they balance boss mechanics around ppl using bossmods. it would be a dumbing down of fights and we would go back to MC style 2 ability boss fights
    I find it hard to believe that the general quality of top raiders would be so much lower these days, that they couldn't hack it without combat addons. True gamers are true gamers always, and if needed they will throw themselves against bugged c'thun in hope that one pull eyes wont spawn in walls or stomach. Or perhaps the game is too old for that kind of dedication and passion...maybe make the void zones visible this time around to help out a bit the new generation that is used to bug free raids with sound cues and flashing text warning them every time something bad is about to happen.

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    If it killed - or at least massively reduced - botting, I'd consider coming back.
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    I would be sad, I love my addons! It wouldn't be game breaking for me not to have them as I don't use many for game play enhancement, mostly just visual modifications. I like having a lot of action bars visible and placed/sized how I want them on the screen and I would miss that functionality most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevoicefromwithin View Post
    If it killed - or at least massively reduced - botting, I'd consider coming back.
    How would this affect booting in any way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geish View Post
    I'm sorry, but did you even raid at high level in vanilla? Stuff you are saying about vanilla, sounds like hyperbole you read from forums or someone who went there way after it was relevant content. Also there was a lot more math and brain work needed back then to come up with strategies, not to mention how important a good coder was for a guild. But again, how is combat log parsing after the fight related to in-combat addons? Wouldn't using boss mods be directly against mentality of "brain teasers and pushing limits"? and what on earth are these much much more complex boss fights I hear about?
    You seem to be confusing math and brain work with people skills and don't acknowledge that everyone playing the game at that point were simply a different flavor of bad. It takes a while for people to get attached enough to a game to really want to become mechanically good at it.

    Being a leader for a high end guild was very similar to leading a military platoon, except in wow most of the people were ignorant children. It took immense effort to get 40-50 players to work together regularly and understand the collective goal which meant that the encounters themselves couldn't be very complex because you basically deserved to kill the boss if you could get everyone into the instance on time.

    Literally every single encounter in the game was tuned for about 20 decent players which meant that just staying alive was infinitely more important and productive than taking risks for personal gain.

    Damage meters, boss mods and world of logs all share the same foundation, they process combat log data. If you couldn't record your combat log, none of them would be possible. Downsizing raids meant that that individual players were much more visible and you could pinpoint and correct problems your raid was having much more easily.

    As this forum has proven, this game has a metric shit ton of socially awkward players who refuse to deal with people which makes the current approach much more tolerable for the individual. Realizing that you've improved mechanically is a very important thing if you want players to stick around, and taking away the tools you analyze your performance makes that impossible.

    Winning as a group just doesn't cut it anymore.
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    Well I could easily live without DBM and I don't even play with damage meters on so I would be fine in that regard but I've been using the same UI since WOTLK and seeing as I am hardly playing at all anymore I would probably just count my losses and just quit.

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