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    I'm not playing the game anymore, but if I was, that would make me quit playing.
    Statix will suffice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superdx View Post
    Why would this even happen?
    Removing all addon support would never happen. But removing most if not all combat addons would make it more about individual skills, could make botting harder and as they are trying to get more players from vanilla/tbc era to come back, it would make it more familiar and accessible to them. Right now it seems though, that they are going with other route, and that is to remove mechanics that benefit too much from addons, like dot snapshotting. Thus existence of combat addons is making the game simpler right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrendy View Post
    Will be super happy. I play with no addons. Will be nice to see "pro"s perform the same without addons telling them when to cast which ability. Will put me on an even ground with some heroic raiders if we exclude the fps problems.
    The pros had to do that in Naxx40. At one point another site publishes spreadsheets that they had made when to use which potion on Loatheb, I think.
    And I believe the pros still figure out most fights themselves - initially by playing a lot on the ptr and then ofc because they progress faster than anybody else. I think it is the semi-pros and normalos who get hit harder, you know - the ones that rely on raidguides and videos and then on top of that on raid addons.

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    I could live with just default UI, but I would probably quit anyway because it's not as functional with alot of addons (ex. postal, etc)

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    MoveAnything, only addon I need. Not game breaking in any sense.
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    I would not continue to play unless WoW integrated the ability (at minimum) to customize ability bars to a degree approaching Bartender. There are simply too many abilities in the game to rely on the default UI.

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    Removing addons like dbm/skada etc i could agree with


    As long as they allow customization of the unitframes etc, default ui makes my eyes bleed.

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    the high customization of the UI is one of the reasons why I still play wow (besides the fact it is still fun for me and I have a lot of friends there and so on). If wow would be suddenly zerp addons, I highly doubt that I would continue playing.

    But luckily this is not going to happen. too many people would quit because of that, there would not be any logical reason behind such a decision after 9? years WITH addons.
    even if there would be a wow2, I highly doubt that they'd remove addon support. the community itself and the addon community is just too big to justify such a decision.

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    Wouldn't bother me in the least. I'd actually be happy if this were to happen so that people could stop posting DPS stats in the chat box like if it was the only thing that mattered in the game. I started playing WoW in 2006 and for the first couple years I've been playing without any addons. After that, I played with only only 2 addons and one of them is mostly for cosmetic reasons for my castbars. The other one I use is DBM (Deadly Boss Mod). There's no way I could play with any more than like 5 addons, it's too much and really, IMO, I think it's unnecessary to have so many addons unless it's something the game doesn't already offer you. But then again it's good to let people play how they want to play so I guess it's good for that.
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    I'd definitely stop playing, the WOW UI is downright and outright awful.

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    Reaction: very surprised, since blizz have been encouraging people to write more or less useful addons, and only breaking a few that were detrimental.

    Personal consequenses
    I do love my healing addons. Would be a lot of swearing and mousekeybinding to the sadly still lacking UI frames. I suspect this would have a lot of people switching from healing.

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    WoW without addons? WoW will Die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geish View Post
    Well, you could just say in what guild you played in, and I'm sure there are dated kill videos if you were at high-end of the curve. Armory just says you cleared last raids of TBC during WOTLK.

    Again, you don't need combat addons to record combat log, is this a language barrier or why is this so hard to understand? Recording something, and allowing something to pop up in the screen during combat are two totally different scenarios. You do know that they already have disabled certain combat addons with no effect to the combat log?

    And you answer to your questions youself, if you stop and read what you wrote. In high-end raiding it was more about gaming skills (leading, playing, calculating strategies etc.) than social skills, because like you wrote "You NEEDED influential friends in the top guilds to be the one that gets picked, because they an endless stream of people wanting in".

    Just stop and think about that...why would there be need for good social skills and why would high-end guild have trouble getting 40 guys to raid and why would they have trouble keeping them to the end, if they had "endless stream of people wanting in"?

    This is just going in circles now. Listen, I'm sure you are good player and could have cleared everything if you had a proper guild, but it's pretty obvious you didn't and now have gripe against that era in the game.

    Yes there is more movement and dancing around now, and if there were no modern combat addons, almost lag free servers, players having double fps and being able to read every single detail about your class online, the game would be individually lot harder for sure, but alas, the individual effort is pretty much the same as it ever was.
    Stop answering questions with questions, it's extremely rude. If you don't have an original answer to something just leave it be. I'm fairly confident that you're being this ignorant and disrespectful because you think I have some kind of beef with the expansion when in fact I have plenty of fun memories and have yet to call the expansion bad.

    Why would there be need for good social skills? - Guilds, especially international ones, were basically a hierarchy of clicks that a few officers made sure they got along. If you didn't understand how people work and didn't belong anywhere you would be eaten alive. If you wanted to get far, you needed people to back you up, for you to not be just another brick in the wall. You can still see this phenomenon in very large active guilds, but since raids have been downsized so much entire guilds have formed similar clicks that just rival against other guilds. If you don't realize and understand this, I guarantee you didn't play during the era.

    Why would high-end guild have trouble getting 40 guys to raid? - The whole point is that they didn't have trouble with this. Players who were desperate for progress kept climbing the ladder to a better and better guild, which meant that the top5 guilds on the server had a constant flow of eager players wanting in. If you didn't belong anywhere it was much more likely that you would get replaced. If you don't realize and understand this, I guarantee you didn't play during the era.

    This can be applied to literally every single aspect of the game, which can only mean that playing overly well was less important than fitting in. Even if you wanted to PVP in a premade which was the only way a normal person was able to get to ranks above 10 it was much more crucial to know and get along with the right people than being super good.

    I could not care less what you think I've accomplished nor should it matter, because that doesn't make this any less true. There is an obvious reason why Naxxramas bosses have had their health doubled or sometimes tripled on pirated vanilla servers.

    Finally, let me break down how these addons work.

    Recount - It creates an internal file that is stored in memory, and afterwards answers questions like "select all where character name = bob" by counting every row that involves the name bob.

    Boss mods - A more active approach to your combat log. It recognizes certain strings in your combat log, for example "onyxia casts deep breath" and then triggers a timer on your screen.

    World of logs - A 3rd party software that injects itself into the game and records the data into an actual file. It works similarly to model changers which is slightly illegal, and if either of the alternatives above get blocked I guarantee that this fill become ban worthy.

    And to add, no combat logging addon has been banned/blocked to date. Everything that has been dropped has been interface or raidframe related.

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    My UI is massively different from the default in terms of looks, but not function. Yes, there'd be an adjusting period, but I really don't NEED-need Omen anymore. Skada is nice to have, but not essential. Same deal for the visual stuff. Nice to have, not essential. AutoRepair mod, nice to have but not essential. Same goes for most, really all, of my 50+ addons. Doing raids without DBM would take a lot of adjusting, but even that would eventually work out.

    I could take all of that, but the one thing keeping me in the game is roleplaying. If roleplaying mods were removed, I'd quit.

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    I hope that one day they implement some more customization with the default UI. Although, it took them long enough to let us move the unit frames and not have to use a script or an outside it will take even longer to be able to move the bars around.

    It wouldn't be a terribly hard thing to implement into the coding of the UI and give us the ability to customize our bar placement on the screen.

    It would be a pretty large task installing a DBM style in-game feature. (besides dungeon journal) So I don't think blizzard will waste their time with that, especially when they have someone already doing it for free.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vampz View Post
    inb4 "flying is a major part of the reason I have fun in wow!"
    Buy a fucking flight sim then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpocrates View Post
    the game would be better
    I agree. My UI has always been more or less stock. Personally I consider most of these addons like GTFO and DBM to be more or less cheating, let alone these other ones that practically do your rotation for you...the ones that are used by all the "good" players lol

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    how do you propose people track timers like internal cooldowns?
    Like peoples back in the days. You calculated and try to understand how that work with your eyes/head or you just don't care and enjoy the game without that small factor

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    I'd quit, lol.

    Standard UI is awful, tracking trinket procs and buff/DoT durations to execute a rotation optimally is abysmal with anything that resembles the standard UI. Sure you could play Elemental shaman with the standard UI kinda decently, but once you get to the specs that actually have to track a lot of stuff... no.

    -Good luck tracking your amount of shuffle duration, as well as current elusive brew stacks or duration, as well as current stagger value, and current amount of Vengeance, with the standard UI.
    -Good luck trying to time your Chaos Bolts/Shadowburns with your trinket and weapon/cloak enchant procs.
    -Good luck keeping track of important debuffs on a fight that has a ton of irrelevant debuffs being displayed on the standard unitframes, as it only shows up to 3 debuffs at a time.

    Yeah you can do normals with stock UI, painfully, but the game can't be played anywhere near optimally without addons.

    So I'd quit. I tend to try to be good at the games I play, and the stock UI of this particular game just makes that an awful chore.
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    I was using a custom UI even back before the TBC beta .. so after 7+ years of not using the default UI it would be a pretty huge change, .. And change is bad, mkay.

    Would I continue to play? Probably .. maybe, I dunno. Probably wouldn't keep all 3 of my accounts going - and probably wouldn't raid ever again, although even now WoW is a glorified social network for me, so .. yeah. *shrug*

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post
    I agree. My UI has always been more or less stock. Personally I consider most of these addons like GTFO and DBM to be more or less cheating, let alone these other ones that practically do your rotation for you...the ones that are used by all the "good" players lol
    Please link me those addons that do my Brewmaster and Destruction rotation for me, I'd love to not have to think about when to cast Chaos Bolts/Shadowburns or when to use purifying brew of elusive brew or when to pool chi or energy. I did not know this addon existed.

    Oh, and don't bring up shitty addons like CLCRet, they tend to be absolutely awful for anything that goes beyond targetdummy and Ultraxion fights.
    Ex-GM and Raidleader of the MoX Purple Kittens Raidteam on Twisting Nether (formerly Grim Batol), RIP, Winter 2010 - Spring 2013.
    Armory. WoWProgress. Might start streaming Soon(tm)

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