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    Would I be sad if they removed or broke mechanic addons, like meters or boss timers? Yeah, but I wouldn't quit. Would I be furious if they removed the ability to customize how I receive the default information in the game, like buff/debuff durations, health, resources, and placement for the elements of the UI? Yes, and I'd probably quit. I've tried on numerous occasions where am I without my home computer, to play wow with no addons. It can't be done, not with my muscle memory and habits. Mounting is handled by an addon and a single keybind. When I'm elsewhere I tend to bind it to a single mount that works both flying and ground. Why have 150+ mounts if you're not going to see them? Maintaining long-term buffs like fort? Hell no, I'm too much of a space case for that, plus I refuse to bind buffs. I've used SmartBuff since TBC. I play on a 42" TV, and having my health and target health in a completely different part of the screen than my character and abilities is impossible. The default UI is like... really crappy too. I mean it's a particular style, which is fine, but the bars are tiny, the textures are terrible, the text doesn't fit the frame, and the way buffs and debuffs are tracked is abysmal. It's much easier to watch a bar run down or a number tick down that it is to watch a darker texture sweep it's way around a square that's like 15 pixels wide.

    Nevermind model revamp, WoW needs a UI revamp. It worked well enough when we were all on CRT monitors and 1024X768, but I haven't had anything below 1920X1080 for like 5 years now. I use ElvUI, but I despise the "futuremodernallblack" look. If Blizzard allowed customization of spacing/location/size and text I'd probably work with that so that I still felt like I was playing WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    SWTOR is fine without AddOns. The game isn't balanced around the demented precision AddOns allow WoW to be. In fact, it's quite pleasant to play games where you don't need to update an entire directory manually every patch cycle just to feel like you're playing the game correctly. Further, SWTOR has a much better default UI editor than WoW gives you.

    If DPS and tracking bother you, SWTOR actually even has 3rd-party programs that will parse your combat logging in realtime and yell at you to refresh stuff as well as tell you your numbers.
    Well, my opinion differ. Swtor would be much nicer with addons, it just feels so ancient. For every little info, you need to jump between characters just to check which one has that one item or credits. In wow, you can have all the info on every char you log in.
    Yes, UI editor is fine, but that does not bother me, Wow default one is good enough for me.
    Yes, i know Swtor has 3rd party programs for dps, but mayor problem is you cant see other ppl dps, only your own. Sure, there is sync option, but for that party members need to have programs installed and give permission to upload data.

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    I would not play the game anymore. If blizzard can not have a good enough ui, they have to let people make it themselves.
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    I'd stop playing.

    There are no good players that want addons gone. Only shit players that think they're cheats because they don't understand what they do, or shit players that hate DPS meters because it exposing them as being as horrible as they are.

    Not to mention, the default UI is very bleh.

    So, no thanks. Remove addons, and the cancer that eats at WoW will take it over entirely.
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    I would expect Blizzard to step it up another notch in their UI department. There have been a lot of improvements that might not have even seen fruit if it wasnt for the community making mods and doing the testing for Blizzard. Also I have found the UI options navigation to have gotten far more clunky at least as someone who is used to certain things being certain places then getting moved, renamed, or removed.

    My warlock is the most UI modded while my druid that I heal on is largely stock. The most important mod that I use is grid due to the default raid frames being too big and then there are tools like Skada and DBM. I could learn to do without DBM, but would like to see the volume slider option for audio queues as in the past two expansions they have been harder to hear. Skada is a very helpful tool including personal analysis from my performance to better understanding how a player died and if my heal hit them. Oh and I still use omen at least out of habit, but it is nice to see a layout of who has threat and how far behind are the others especially in dungeons where even my warlock was pulling from tanks at the start of the expansion while gearing up.

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    I'd leave.

    Don't care one way or another about the loss of DBM, but the fact of the matter is I find the base UI to be so... wrong... The Grinch "You're a Mean One" song describes it best imo. I find the base UI to be "an appalling dump heap... Overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable, mangled up in tangled up knots." Can pretty much throw in all other descriptions of the grinch and substitute "WoW's Base UI" for the grinch.

    Blizzard can destroy all the raid helper addons and I'd not care. But force me to go back to the base UI? After all this time perfecting the UI to exactly the way I like it? No questions asked, I'm giving them the bird and closing the door behind me on my way out.

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    I can't stand the default UI. I might get used to it.. but ugh..
    My addons:
    Announce Interrupts: Announces in chat when you interrupt a spell.
    Tol Barad Reminder: Reminds you to queue for Tol Barad by printing a message when the battle is approaching.
    EasyLogger: Turns on /combatlog inside raid instances, and off outside.
    Simple class resource bars: Paladin Rogue Shaman Monk Priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetersky View Post
    I'm pretty sure if they removed DBM, they'd have to dumb down encounters for all but the most elite of guilds.

    My gameplay would likely suffer a bit, as I use a few add-ons for things like trinket cooldowns, etc., but overall I would get over it fairly quickly.
    Dumb down more? I only use Recount and Skada to track healing done and DPS, everything is clear enough. You don't need addons to play for you.
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    95% chance I'd quit and start on a new game...
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    I wouldn't care I played without them for long enough I could easier play with out them.

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    I would likely quit the game. Losing add-on support would signal a shift in the way of thinking at Blizz HQ that I could no longer support.

    Add-On functionality is a LARGE reason that WoW is so successful. Being able to custom tailor the experience to your preferences and needs is absolutely key to what makes WoW so great, and so long-lasting.

    Is the game playable without add-ons? Yes, of course. However the game, and raiding especially, is designed with add-ons in mind. Things like DBM have caused a radical shift in encounter design that has made the game not only more challenging, but also more interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by FLstudioApprentice View Post
    Dumb down more? I only use Recount and Skada to track healing done and DPS, everything is clear enough. You don't need addons to play for you.
    If you don't understand add-on functionality, please don't make yourself look foolish with statements like this. DBM/VEM don't play the game for you. No add-on plays the game for you. They simply allow you to pay more attention to your surroundings and rotation and less attention on the subtle tells that bosses do to indicate incoming abilities. The game is designed around them, not using them is pretty much just being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yobtar View Post
    How would it make the game better?
    I am sorry if my comment was not serious in any fashion.

    I guess the only fact would be it would even up the playing field for all gamers, making the experience more of a challenge.
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    I would continue to play. As painful as it would be--and it very much would be painful--it would probably be better for the game overall. Playing in the betas for Cataclysm and Mist without addons was actually somewhat more fun personally. Playing shadow for the last few years and have come to rely on dot timers and the like to keep track of things and to be competitive with everyone else using dot timers, etc.

    So a bit mixed but would get along after a while without them.
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    I would legitimately stop playing. The customization available in WoW is one of its strongest features and a big part of the reason other MMOs are finally coming around to addon support.

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    i would instantly unsub, permanently. the game is 100% unplayable without addons, for me.

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    Yea and i would like the game more i rarely use addons now too many rely on addons to play for them. and you also have your meter whores that only care about if they are top DPS or heals and elitists who pick apart peoples playing based on addons.

    DBM makes people in to crappy raiders imo it's a crutch game i came from we had no DBM we had to actually play the damn game ourselves and not get addons to do it for us

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    I wold feel bad for the people that use them but it wouldn't effect me at all. I haven't used any add-ons since the middle of wrath and I don't plan on doing so in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac2 View Post
    Yes, i know Swtor has 3rd party programs for dps, but mayor problem is you cant see other ppl dps, only your own. Sure, there is sync option, but for that party members need to have programs installed and give permission to upload data.
    Which is exactly why the 3rd party parser is great. You and your raid team get on Parsec and that's it; no epeeners linking dps meters in random flashpoints and whatnot. It's simply a tool to make you and your raid team better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLstudioApprentice View Post
    Dumb down more? I only use Recount and Skada to track healing done and DPS, everything is clear enough. You don't need addons to play for you.
    Do you think everyone who plays WoW can play it exactly as you can? That is a pretty narrow view.

    I would not be happy if they removed cosmetic UI stuff, like Xperl, for example, but I suppose I could adjust without things like DBM...but...Blizzard already designs raids assuming people use things like DBM, so they would have to change how they "announce" certain effects, or...again, we'd have to adjust. I know that would give a lot of hard core players a stiffy, but who really sees Blizz catering to a minority anymore?

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    I'd be happy to be honest. I have never liked the idea of addons or mods but I feel in WoW it's sort of necessary to have some of them in order to optimize your performance so I use them anyway, but I try to be as minimal as I can with them and preserve the original UI the best I can.

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