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    i would go back to DPS. no way in hell im healing with out support.

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    I'd likely quit wow for good

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    Please guys don't just blow it off as I suck, because I don't. I have played WoW for many years and have never once been removed from a guild, group or any content due to underperformance.

    Having said that, I would love it if friggin recount and skada and all such stuff was forever removed. Sure there are benefits, but imo, the absolute assholery produced by these addons is of biblical proportions.

    So many people are just soooooo obsessed with these damn meters. One reason why playing DPS sucks is it seems to be more about beating other members of your raid on the meters than it is about beating the actual boss. Oh and as a healer, they are DOUBLY annoying since it seems 99.99999999% of the playerbase does not know how to interpret healing numbers. HPS does not equal DPS.... it it much more complicated than that just annoying as hell. I hate the damn things.

    Make meters personal and unlinkable. I know that's not a popular thing to say and it will get flamed, but yeah...

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    Add-ons are both good and bad in various ways imo. Also some addons are "must" addons meanwhile others are "ok" to have, but not necessary. It ofc all comes down to a personal perspective. But I remember the days where we didnt have damage meters with 40 people. It was at that time good that no one would get the blame for bad DPS, but also bad, that people couldn't see and improve themselfs if they really were bad.

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    BrM without weakaura ? Nothx
    Same with my retpaladin without something to track inquisition.

    My enh shaman could probably continue without addon.

    Without blizzard deeply improving how shitty buff/debuff are in the default interface can't see this happen. Without even talking about healer interface (the only characters that have a raidframe addon are my healers)

    And for raid bosses encounter, blizzard allready said multiple times that they are designing boss fight with bossmods in mind. So I rather prefer harder boss with addon than easier one without.
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    I would be veery pleased and happy. Addons ruined the game making it more automated, less mechanical. I would love to see it and all those addicted to addons healers and tanks. Game would be much better and more fun, on the pvp too. Addons ruin pvp.

    After Pandaria expansion, addons are another reason why I've left wow.

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    Hardly use any addons, so it wouldn't be such a big deal for me.
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    Not a big problem, a bit of re-learning as well as making the game harder... but wouldn't quit over it. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Knowing how shitty the default UI is, id quit, it burns my eye

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Apparently what healers who don't use addons do is use macros instead. You can get mouseover functionality with the standard frames. You just need a ton, and for certain classes that are Paladins, as many as 25-30 keybinds.
    Don't need to get that fancy if you know what you're doing. I always considered addons that helped you do your job to be a crutch. Partially because my computer was shit and couldn't run them, but mostly because they just are. 25-30 keybinds for a pally is pretty overkill as well.
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    It would be terrible. Addon support is one of the reasons WoW is so good.

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    If we couldn't customize the default UI with addons, I would probably quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strafir View Post
    As it so happens I don't have a photo of myself giving a thumbs up while holding the days newspaper while doing Loatheb in the background. The best I could give you is a screenshot of my subscription fee but that doesn't say a whole lot. Since there is no evidence outside of knowing me personally I would much rather have a conversation about stuff you can prove, like the facts I took up in my last post.

    This is your third post telling me I'm full of shit and that the game wasn't much more about managing people than playing the game well, yet you haven't provided a single explained counter argument why.

    I'm starting to get a feeling that you are one of those people who jumps paragraphs on the off chance that someone might actually have something constructive to say that might invalidate your precious opinion, but I'm giving you the benefit of a doubt and repeating the second half of my last post.

    Recording combat log parses, recount and boss mods are all interlinked, they work on the same principles. They NEED to be able to record and read your combat log to function. You cannot block one without killing the others too.

    The reason why so few got far enough to finish the game was simply bad luck and connections. Because most of your items had to be from the previous tier to even stay alive in a new instance meant that there was constant funneling of players going on. It took very long for a guild to collect enough gear from noth and the spider wing to reasonably start progressing through the instance which meant that the impatient ones that were desperate for more progression would get in touch with higher up guilds every time they hit a new limit, and this would continue on until there only was one or two top dogs left - the ones on the server that actually managed to kill Kel'thuzad.

    Please read this out loud: You NEEDED influential friends in the top guilds to be the one that gets picked, because they an endless stream of people wanting in. Remember, it was more important that you were able to stay alive until the end than having super high output which meant that your personality was more important than your ability to play.
    Well, you could just say in what guild you played in, and I'm sure there are dated kill videos if you were at high-end of the curve. Armory just says you cleared last raids of TBC during WOTLK.

    Again, you don't need combat addons to record combat log, is this a language barrier or why is this so hard to understand? Recording something, and allowing something to pop up in the screen during combat are two totally different scenarios. You do know that they already have disabled certain combat addons with no effect to the combat log?

    And you answer to your questions youself, if you stop and read what you wrote. In high-end raiding it was more about gaming skills (leading, playing, calculating strategies etc.) than social skills, because like you wrote "You NEEDED influential friends in the top guilds to be the one that gets picked, because they an endless stream of people wanting in".

    Just stop and think about that...why would there be need for good social skills and why would high-end guild have trouble getting 40 guys to raid and why would they have trouble keeping them to the end, if they had "endless stream of people wanting in"?

    This is just going in circles now. Listen, I'm sure you are good player and could have cleared everything if you had a proper guild, but it's pretty obvious you didn't and now have gripe against that era in the game.

    Yes there is more movement and dancing around now, and if there were no modern combat addons, almost lag free servers, players having double fps and being able to read every single detail about your class online, the game would be individually lot harder for sure, but alas, the individual effort is pretty much the same as it ever was.

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    No skada, grid or dbm for me would suck. But I don't raid any more so I wouldn't care.

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    I wonder if complex heroic raid encounters would still be feaseable or if we go back to the MC style ones with very few things to handle (we raided with KTM Threatmeter, CTRaid and IIRC Decursive only back then.)

    Blizzard would have to implement moveable UI frames and a better mount / companion support as well, to just name a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    That would be pretty brutal. Swtor has a much different pace than WoW.
    Operations boss encounters aren't that much different. Newer and better engine allows for much more varied and interactive fights in SWTOR. WoW basically will continue to stagnate in that department for as long as it exists in its current form.
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    Yes, I would. I already use just a handful of add-ons, none of which alters the interface. I like the game's UI quite a lot, and if I was to replace it I surely wouldn't do so with one of the monstrous "artistic that look oh so much better" UIs that I have seen floating around, those things are amateur hour at their best.

    Tagging add-ons I consider a cheat. They take all the fun out of searching for a mob or item. And you can't not use them since most of everyone else does and that leaves you with a great disadvantage.

    Most of the add-ons I use are practical in nature, meters essentially and proc indicators, that are almost, if not, necessary for good-performance raiding.

    However I wouldn't mind if they went away. I can live without Deadly Boss Mods. And I only use proc indicators because I have to to, since there are so many of them, and most of everyone else does in my group. If everyone had to look for procs on their own, and missed doing so at times, as is normal without add-ons, I could live with that myself.

    The only thing that would be problematic is damage/healing meters. They are the double-edged blade. Most of the time they are used wrong, either analysed wrong or just for competitions; but without them it would be difficult to understand how abilities work performance-wise. Still, if there would be a way around that I would be game.

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    The default UI is hideous and nowhere near as customizable as it should be. You can get away with using mouseover macro's for healing, but removing DBM would be harder to overcome. They would need to add something further to the UI if boss abilities need to remain as complex. However, one of the biggest nuisances to removing addons would be my spam filter addon; getting constantly annoyed again by gold seller spam would be a big minus IMO. The end result, I would probably quit the game, I am not still in WoW to relive the vanilla experience, I might as well just start with another game.

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    Will be super happy. I play with no addons. Will be nice to see "pro"s perform the same without addons telling them when to cast which ability. Will put me on an even ground with some heroic raiders if we exclude the fps problems.
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    I think it would be a pretty fun experience, would definitely continue playing.

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