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    No addon support translates into hmmmm 90% (guesstimate) of raiders being brought back to reality..

    Many PVP'rs as well I think.
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    I'd try to play without addons but I believe recount/skada is a necessity. Knowing everyone's performance is key to raiding.

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    So much people would quit ! That funny..

    I won't believe that you all won't be able to play without these Add-ons. Jesus christ you can't do it by yourself ? you need counters and thing to tell you want to do, when to do it and where to do it ?

    Not surprised that the game became more and more easy with players like you who need constant help to do the simplest thing

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    It wouldn't bother me at all, I don't use them anyway. I think they're crutches, and without them people have to be better to perform.

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    I think I could continue to play, but I'm not too sure if I would like to do it.

    I really enjoy having some of the addons.

    Postal (open all mails) are one of the many great addons to have when buying lots of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    It wouldn't bother me at all, I don't use them anyway. I think they're crutches, and without them people have to be better to perform.
    nah, they can just blame everyone else, and with no way to back it up, the person that shouts loudest wins.

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    i'd probably still play but my performance would take a huge hit probably (atleast at the start :P)

    i'd miss a bossmod(DBM/bigwigs) and i'd miss Weak Aura's VERY much (it's like my most important add on xD)

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    If there's one thing the default UI does well it's take up large amounts of screen real estate while displaying the least amount of information possible (and looking ugly).

    I'm confused by why did I see repeated references equating addon removal to an anti-botting measure or the suggestion that addons are cheating.

    How would squashing threat and removing threat meters make threat management a skill? It would just turn into one big RNG guessing game.

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    Could I? Sure, given enough time to adapt.

    Would I? Probably not. I love the convenience addons provide, as they let me do a lot of tedious things much faster (posting a lot of auctions without the help of an addon is a nightmare, for instance). I also loathe the look of the default UI, so not having my own fully customizable UI would be hellish. I mean, as it is, my account is lapsed, and likely will remain so until WoD launches or shortly before it does.

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