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    Pet Battles and Levels in WoD?

    Maybe I missed it, but has there been any news on if battle pet levels will be increased with WoD?

    If we assume Blizzard raises the maximum battle pet level, I wonder how much they will raise it? 5 levels seems like a lot. And while 2-3 levels might be more appropriate, it doesn't fit in with the multiples of 5 that everything else has. One other question, if the level is raised, will new battle pets start at level 1 or might Blizzard introduce battle pets that start at level 10, for example?

    Anyone else wondering or have thoughts on the battle pet system in WoD?

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    Fairly sure they said they don't plan to increase it with WoD.

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    yeah, there was a tweet that said they were leaning towards not raising the level cap.

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