View Poll Results: Which patch trailer is your favorite?

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  • Siege of Orgrimmar

    42 24.00%
  • The Thunder King

    13 7.43%
  • Rage of the Firelands

    5 2.86%
  • Fall of the Lich King

    56 32.00%
  • Call of the Crusade

    0 0%
  • Secrets of Ulduar

    16 9.14%
  • Fury of the Sunwell

    5 2.86%
  • The Gods of Zul'Aman

    19 10.86%
  • The Black Temple

    14 8.00%
  • Shadow of the Necropolis

    5 2.86%
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  1. #61
    My answer is and always will be.......

    "Let them come, Frostmourne HUNGERS."

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    The Patient darkvexen's Avatar
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    Fall of the lich king. But siege of orgrimmar is a very close second.

  3. #63
    I literally cannot watch the original Sunwell trailer without hearing this

    As for the poll, ICC has good voice acting, as does ToT and SoO, Ulduar would of been SO much better had they not used that VA, it's an awful faux scottish accent.

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    The Patient Lunareste's Avatar
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    BWL, because of that one idiot jumping around in the background while they're trying to make an epic trailer in Nefarion's room.

    "God damnit Larry you need to cut that shit out when we're making trailers!!"

  5. #65
    As much as I loved ICC, I liked Ulduar slightly more

  6. #66
    SoO /ToT/ fall of lk > zul'aman >>>>>>>>rest

    i can't decide, i like the 3 equally

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    Pandaren Monk salo's Avatar
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    Hard choice between Gods of Zul'Aman and Lich King, mhm!

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