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    ORC Combat rogue BIS

    Playing a orc combat rogue I have been playing around with shadowcraft to figure out if the SoTRS which drop from General Nazgrim are really the bis non tier piece or if the HoBT from Immersus is bis. This also means that you use Softfoot's Last Resort HWF for both your weapons.

    I trust my ability with shadowcraft ok but as i haven't seen any posts that mention that orc bis will be different than other races I thought I'd post something to see if other people better with shadowcraft get these same results or not.

    Here are links to the two gear sets in shadowcraft.



    It looks like with the orc expertise racial that HoBT is bis over SoTRS by about 300dps. Hope others can show me where I messed up or confirm. Thanks

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    You can regem the second profile's heads and shoulders to gain more haste. Seems fine to me though.
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    do you even notice 300 dps ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasdasm View Post
    do you even notice 300 dps ?
    Probably not, but that wasn't the point of the post. Like most bis lists the list is academic in nature and may not ever be attained. However with SOO going to be out as long as it is and people perhaps wanting to try and complete a BIS gear set I figured I would ask the community for help with what I had found in shadowcraft. Every list I had seen before had listed it differently and I wanted to make sure that I hadn't messed up. Thank you for your constructive post.

    Also to Fluoresent0: Thanks for looking at it and the input on the gems I must have just left them from the other gear set but this makes the gap more like 700 dps now.

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    Rng is rng in terms of dps.
    Example is fight's i'm doing 400k dps and some other having 440k.~
    A roll of this is always proc's and everything .
    Simcraft is ok... But doesn't show pure rng as for the fight's.

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    Isn't Korkron elite skullmask better for head slot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkblazer View Post
    Simcraft is ok... But doesn't show pure rng as for the fight's.
    You're kidding, right?

    OP: I got a little bit more by using the garrosh helm, tier shoulders, garrosh belt, and spoils boots. clicky
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