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    No. I quit in Heroic Hof. Once I realised the raid design team had ran out of ideas and just reused EVERY raid mechanic it got very very boring. A boss is not fun when it is doing the exact same thing a boss did 4 years ago. Raids might be fine for newer player but they aren't for someone who has raided from the start.

    Hell some mechanics didn't even make it one teir before they got reused. Elglon or what ever the hell its called is one example. Hagraa pillars anyone?
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    Raiding is the only thing that keeps me playing WoW.

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    Yes I still raid. My group is currently 14/14N 1/14H SOO and currently progressing. Aside from that, I am trying to gear my monk alt right now by running LFR (ugh).
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    I do flex raids, I would love to do some hardcore, but I dont have the time I had a few years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merador View Post
    Raiding since molten core till today without any break.
    Same with me. Why would I stop?
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    I'm still doing 10 man normals. I have been doing 10 man normals since wrath when that became an option and I will continue to do heroic level content in wod. (calling it heroic due to difficulty name change for wod)

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    Yes, and I don't consider LFR "raiding", IMHO.
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    Yes as much as possible, but I have started to get burnout from flex/normal since my group isnt really stepping into heroics and the fights are repetitive. Normal is still fun but flex at this point puts me to sleep unless I'm on an alt

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    Based on the survey that MMO Champion posted recently, I would assume that posters here are biased toward being active non-LFR raiders. I'll go with the survey for more reliable information. So the point of this poll is?

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    No, I have not raided properly since Ulduar. And even then I was going more and more casual, and ended up raiding more with pugs with ICC etc. Barely at that, and after that I simply did 5 man content until LFR came with cataclysm.

    Not even sure i'd want to raid properly again, seems more like work these days, instead of just having fun.

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    I've always raided and I probably will always raid competitively.

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    Raiding is the best thing in the game so not raiding seems silly to me.
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    You couldn't pay me enough to step into the clusterfuck that is LFR. 1/4 of the raid afk, 1/4 just terrible, 1/4 just trolling in raid chat the entire time and 1/4 competent players just trying to gear that damn alt and overcome the horribleness of the other 3/4.

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    Yep, in a 10 man raid progressing through heroics.
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    Honestly the only thing that kept me raiding was my guild and now that we died I don't really want to raid anymore.. I farm gold and check BMAH for t3..not sure what I'm gonna do when I get all of my t3 but whatever.

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    i was really into hardcore raiding half of wrath all throughout cata, but after that longgggg dragged out DS it burnt me out and the start of MoP was pretty bad for raiding so I quit the game for a bit now i just do flex/lfr and occasionally pug a normal run. Still not interested in raiding seriously again

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