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    In Your Opinion, What Specs Suffer the LEAST from Button Bloat?

    I just wanted to weigh in and get everyone else's opinions. In my experiences, Frost DK and Mutilate Rogues are some of the least-bloated specs in the game. Anyone else agree? Disagree?


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    Mutilate rogues I feel still have a ton of buttons, but not for their rotation. Their rotation is like, 4. Not counting slice and dice because it should always be up.

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    I was gonna say warlocks, but then I remembered Fel Flame is absolutely worthless.

    Probably Unholy DK? They only have a couple cooldowns to pay attention to and not a lot else.

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    Definitely Frost DK. For PvE and for PvP (although they use abit more buttons in PvP)

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    I use a G510 keyboard, so I have 39 abilities hotkeyed (and that does not include movement keys or mounts). I don't use the mouse to click anything really.

    I play the following characters: Prot Paladin, Fury Warrior, Feral Druid, Holy/Shadow Priest, MM Hunter and MW Monk. Of all of those, only the Prot Paladin has empty hotkeys left over. It's so distracting to see that empty space that I placed the TellMeWhen buttons in place of those missing hotkeys, hah!

    Anyway, Prot Paladin for me. Everything else is pretty bloated, though with this keyboard and my muscle memory super powers, I actually enjoy more buttons.

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