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    Loading screen boss of death!?

    My guild and I have been experiencing this problem for a few weeks now. Sometimes when we load into a area, dungeon, raid, etc we all get the loading screen boss of death, we have to forcefully close the client in order to do anything. Some of our members even have to restart their computers. Does anyone know why this happens or what we can do to prevent it?

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    anyone know?

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    Happened to me back in WotLK when me and my buddies were pugging ICC on Friday mornings. Apparently it turned out to be that Blizzard had some Player-to-instance connection issues.

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    This has been happening to me a lot lately. It usually happens when I'm leaving an instance or joining an instance. The server will usually load 100% and just not do anything. I've tried different computers, internet connections, etc. My friend and I think it is an add-on. Can you list your add ons? (We've tried it on a BRAND-NEW computer, a MAC and Windows etc. We done everything)

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    Have you tried posting this on the WoW technical support forums? A lot of help is usually waiting there.
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    Havent seen this problem in a loooooong time, there where some issues back in wotlk.. Thats all i know about it

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    I think this is what I've been getting. A couple of times now I would enter LFR and when I would enter the raid the loading screen will stop at like 90% and then just stay there until it eventually just disconnects me and keeps doing so for about 5 minutes or more. This actually also happened while actually playing inside the raid. The one time everybody just froze and I just waited there for like 5 minutes and after all that time waiting it's still just frozen (as in characters just standing there and bosses that should be dead are still standing) so I have to actually exit the whole game go back in only for it to get stuck at 90% and then disconnect me. After all that I log in again and it said the my server along with a bunch of others were offline. One night me and two other friends entered LFR and after a few successful runs this same thing happened to all three of us so I know it's not just me. The thing is too, this only happens when I queue for LFR and not LFD. Everything else works fine all the time except for when I queue for a raid. This is so annoying and I hope it's something Blizzard recognizes and fixes because I don't want to have a fear of this happening every time I enter an LFR group.
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