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    heads /shoulders

    am having a hard time chosing a head for my warlock. atm i got normal t16 head,hc-warforged galakras head/hc-warforged imersus head. i got both hc shoulders and normal t16 shoulders. frome what i can see we wont be closing in on hc t16 shoulders/head any time soon. any tips =)?


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    I´m guessing you are playing affli since you got over 12k haste?
    Afaik the 4pc is pretty useless for affli, so just take the ones with the highest ilvl /best stats

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    should have said, am mainly destro. but aff os. gear is messy atm so am not rly going for any special haste =)

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    in case of destro I would first of all get rid of at least 4k haste. Even a master> haste > crit build shouldn´t go above 9k haste.
    regarding the set pieces I´d use simcraft for this decision, but I guess that the hc wf would give you a higher dps gain.

    @hc wf head: thats up to your preferance. for destro the mastery/crit one from immerseus is way better then the galakras haste/hit one, while the galakras one is better for affli

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    ah yea thx for the input ^^

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    Just look where you sim best with to see what benefits you the most. It shouldn't really matter that much for destro as long as you keep 4pc t16. For destro you should only look on mastery gains

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    If you have the gearing option go with 4pc for destro and replace the legs, chest, and shoulders with warforged off pieces for affliction. So legs from IJ, chest from protectors, shoulders from protectors or nazgrim. So your 2pc is typically helm/hands tier, 4pc as destro, then whatever you can get your hands on. Technically the best offpiece for destro is the shoulders from protectors for the mastery but its really super close to any other piece. Helm/chest/legs are larger stat budget than shoulders so there really isn't a bad choice for destro. Aff is where things get nitpicky.

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