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    Thumbs up Player leaving untimely, back when right fixes applied.

    His Name is Robert Paulson
    The Story of one rogue

    Hi everyone I wanted to share my story with everyone. I'm going to start off with just thief class' in general and lead onto other subjects in this post. basically this post outlines the truth about my experience with the rogue class. I have had many enjoyed hours playing as a hero of Azeroth.

    Blizzard how I love thee; it was launch day of Diablo two hoping to roll one of the anticipated assassin class. rolled a martial arts assassin with dual claw setup and tiger strike, dragon tail finisher. later on.. hybrid over to chaos whirl wind assassin. loaded with thirteen; two to one hundred seventy one lightening damage small charms a hellfire torch, and annihilus charm. four one to shadow disciplines All resistances 15, four one to shadow disciplines 12% faster hit recovery along with perfect gear. Crown of ages socket with fifteen to resistances fifteen faster attack speed and cham rune, draculs grasp perfect verdungos a bramble archon plate and some shuriken blades to throw at my demon foes. I have always enjoyed the thief class' that have been available for the many fans with lots of hours spent with enjoyment received. I took it a step further respectively.

    After five years of playing the rogue class one develops a perfect looking glass to be able to see the truth. Truth this day is shrouded in Ivy one must look no further than by clearing away the ivy to see what lie beneath. through my journeys I have encountered great friends long lost to the sands of time. one must be strong to go on alone to survive.

    - Journal entry the year of the mortal age 1178 Azeroth.
    It seems that that my resourcefulness was not what it once was since I become older with the dragon aspects gone and my magic fading. I look no further to seek death when striving elegantly through combat between those who seek to take away my life. I have sought justice against our beloved prince Kael'thas Sunstrider. from his treachery he has lead many of my brethren to their own execution by the last standing army of the Scryers. the last survivors, of Kael'thas treachery. I am called upon once more. my people fearing Garrosh with his evil that has taken him to madness and his obsession of power. the cost of the pact between the horde in ruin only as I know will destroy us. betrayal of our people leaves no room from the same, no difference from The Alliance. will my peoples end be to survive on our own? time will lead on. -Naiattavain.

    In Time all will be seen and the proper fixes applied. be at ease my readers; rogues will be par when The Warlords of Draenor is released. so I bid you all farewell in your journeys. may you embrace the light of the Sunwell.

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    You rolled an expansion only Lord of Destruction class on Diablo 2's launch day? Impressive.

    *politely coughs*

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    What in the blue hell is going on here?

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    Since i don't think much discussion will come out from this thread, i'll proceed to close it.
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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