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    [WeakAura Help] Cancel Aura

    Basically I need the code to remove a buff upon myself when a trigger procs,

    I have been fiddling around with some things and was having some major issues

    I went off http://wowprogramming.com/docs/api/CancelUnitBuff
    but didn't get any luck as I need it to be able to work in combat'

    Would love some help, Relil#1272 (US Servers)

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    Cancelling a buff while in combat is a protected function. Addons are not allowed to automatically do that. Your best bet is to make a macro for '/cancelaura Your Buff' and make a huge Weak Aura that yells at you to hit that button.

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    One of our tanks literally macroed `/canceraura Hand of Protection` into *every* common ability because this one time it got cast unexpectedly...

    I kind of wish I could get an actionbar replacement that would let me write a "template" for abilities, so I could drop, eg, rune strike onto it and end up with a nice macro that would do some cancelauras that I need, proc that trinket, and that other ability, I want to use on CD rather than syncing with anything, and do a bit of other stuff automatically. (By generating a macro script attached to a secure button, obviously.

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