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    13163 Haste Cap at my ilvl

    Hi guys, I've been raiding for about 3 weeks now on Normal. I recently got my cloak and am now able to reach the 13163 haste cap, but I lose quite a bit to be able to do it.

    25.53%-Buffed. I am at 36.67 buffed with my current gear.
    Spell Power

    Should I make this trade off? I'm currently in a 25-man raiding guild, and all of the other healers except for me are below 540. I found I had to get quite a bit more spirit than I wanted to make up for the healing I was required to do.

    I'm not able to post any links right now. My characters name is Confictas on Blackrock. Thanks everyone.

    Thanks everyone.

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    dont trade off that much int for a haste breakpoint. the "general rule" is that 2 haste = 1 spellpower, but thats not always true. many, many of those ticks gained are going straight into the overheal toilet. this will let you pop more mushrooms i suppose, but you're still going to lose throughput. especially since you also have to cut like 1/3 of your mastery.

    if you're using askmrrobot enable the "reforge only" toggle and see if you can still hit that haste. if not, keep gearing for a while.
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    Perhaps. The real question is if you can manage with 3k less than you have right now. If you can't, this is going to end in disaster. If you can, why haven't you reforged it away already?
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    I can manage -3k spirit in 10 mans with a similarly geared healer, but I've found in 25 mans with the amount of healing I'm required to do due to the other 5 healers ilvls being very low, and them not being able to sustain the healing they need to sustain; I use way more mana than I normally would and can't manage it quite as well.

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    If you are raiding with lower geared healers - there is a good chance that you are not going to "need" to be at 13163 for some time until they catch up. My suggestion would be to reforge as much haste as you can into spirit/mastery and stick to the 3043 HBP. If the other healers are as low as you say, your raid gains nothing by you going to 13163.

    Also, why would you be losing that much int? If you are gemming pure int gems, you may want to stop doing that. You should be using as many hybrid int/haste or int/mastery gems as possible. They are both the same color - so I don't understand how you could be losing over 1k intellect.

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