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    arena 3 vs 3 rogue team tactics and command

    this team of rogues consists of an assassin, combat, and a subtlety rogue.

    the talents for assassination and subtlety are Nightstalker, Deadly throw, elusiveness, shadow step, dirty tricks shuriken toss. combat chooses prey on weak since combat is the one performing cheap shot and kidney shot. assassination uses garrote as opener instead of ambush, subtlety uses ambush.
    glyph for assassination is garrote, glyphs of smokebomb and sprint used with all rogues. sprint is used to mobilise after first take down.

    for arena threes the first take down is always done with out using vanish afterwords, the second take down immediately uses vanish after take down. keep in mind that the team is getting the enemy into position when this all happens and when unified works great. dynamic because there are different enemies in each arena.

    the team works in tight formation not far from the other prioritise is this

    1. cc healer with sap and blind

    2. range dps over melee dps is taken out first.

    3. happens very quick before enemy may counter.

    apply strategy see how far a three rogue team climbs rating when abilities and burst stacked unison.
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    Three sub rogues would be better. If one can't play sub for whatever reason, go combat for the longer KS so the two subs can dance something to death.

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    And what's your rating with this? 1200?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CakeomgCake View Post
    And what's your rating with this? 1200?
    LoL that's what I was thinking... ideas like these usually don't get anywhere and the people coming up w/ them thinking they're legit comps must not have gotten past 1800 rating. How are you supposed to chain CC when you all share the same abilities? "Re-blind the priest!" "oh shit it's only a 3 sec blind!" "Resap the priest then, oh shit we already did, he's immune."

    If you're going to rock 3 of one class, pick a class that can actually burst down, like 3 enhance or ele shams or some other class.
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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