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    2 Shaman Weak Auras

    Hi everyone,

    We have two Resto shaman in our ten man and we are looking for a weak aura that will let us see when the other one has their Healing Tide Totem down. It was pretty simple to get it to pop up when my own totem was down but I'm having trouble tracking totems that don't belong to me and don't give a buff. Can anyone help?

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    If they make a macro that announces in chat when they use the totem, you can make a Weak Aura that triggers on that chat message and lasts the duration of Healing Tide (10 sec).

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    On mobile right now sorry, but it's easy if you use the combat log.

    IIRC, it goes like this: Icon (or whatever you want) and for Trigger just put: Combat log - Cast start - Summon then put the spell name "Healing Tide Totem" and put Hide/Timed at 10 secs. That should do it.

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    Going to try both of these. Thanks guys!

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    This should trigger anytime HTT is dropped by anyone, and stay up for 10 seconds, using the combat log method mentioned above. Only tested it with my own HTT tho.

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    Just tested it with a party member. It works great. Thanks so much!

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    Download an addon called Hermes.

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    Use the best thing in the World

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