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    Looking for a vuhdo setup for holy pally

    Hey guys, I am switching over to vuhdo from healbot on my pally, as healbot's lack of flexibility is really starting to annoy me. However I noticed that vuhdo's basic setup , especially regarding buffs and debuffs is a bit rough around the edges. I would like to ask a paladin here who already set it up for SOO heroic to post the settings file if possible. We are doing tries on hc malkorok tommorow and i would like to jump right into it without having to tinker too much during the fight.

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    I'm also 11/14HC Holy Pally using vuhdo. If you would like to use my config and whether it would suit you, go to sendspace dot com slash file slash 66zq1l

    post the .lua elements into WTF>Account>Realm>Character Name >Saved Variables folder.

    If you have any other problems, be glad to help

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    Sorry I forgot to mention I raid 10 mans

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    ive only recently started healing again myself, but one tip i can give you that always helped me (and why i changed to vuhdo from healbot in the frist place) is that you can map to the mousewheel and modified mousewheel too. for me i use it for my holy power consumers.

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