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    Where are people finding partners and RBG teams?

    So I am a bit frustrated. Most of my friends have stopped playing and my realid list is lacking. I have not been able to reliably PvP this season because of this. I am not a terrible player, but I am not an elite player either. I am just a middle of the road 2k player. I used to find RBG easily enough using trade chat and mostly Well, trade is devolved now for some reason and battlemasters died. I am on US Horde Mal'Ganis (one of the larger population PvP realms)

    I can find tons of people that want to play 2v2 to "cap" but no one that wants to play 3v3 for rating. The RBG groups I get into seem to cap out around the 1800 level of play. Oqueue is an abomination...

    How are you guys meeting mid level players? I was so excited about the loss of teams because I thought with realid it would open up a wealth of people to arena/RBG with but so far I find people that just aren't very good. I know there is a thriving 2200+ community from watching streams pretty constantly, but what to do if you are a mid level player who can't play with those guys?

    I am just getting frustrated to the point of thinking about a single player game to pass time because right now that is what warcraft pvp feels like. Playing 2v2, randoms, rbgs with a bunch of bots on my team... I would love to find out where the non "yolo 3s mount!, yolo rbg mount!" teams are at.

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    If you are as good as you think you are you shouldn't have issues. Good players will always find other good player in some way, atleast if they are looking. You can't expect to just stand afk and get invited in good groups.

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    Well, that is slightly not helpful. The point I am making is that in the past I did have people to play with but they have mostly quit playing. I am having to start from scratch and the normal means like trade chat, oqueue, battlemasters are not working for me. I am looking for alternative ways to find partners around my skill level that have the same goals. Surely people have to find new players to play with, where are they going?

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    What classes and what faction do you play on? If you are on horde, leave your battle tag here and I'll add you, I've been bouncing around from the 1800s to 2k playing with random people the past few weeks.

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    You're either not trying hard enough or you're just having extremely bad luck. And no there is no other way outside of trade chat, opqueue and sitting outside of durotor to find consistent players that want to push rating that aren't in a "group" already.

    I don't think you understand how hard it actually is in today's game to find people who are dedicated 1800-2k players that want to push rating. This isn't wotlk where there is a surplus of decent mid level players that want to push rating. In today's game you're basically stuck in "purgatory" if you're a mid level player. You're stuck between the 1500-1700 casual bg heroes that just want points and the 2.2k duelists/glad heroes that play with the same people and exclude everyone else.

    My advice to you is to try and "be friends" with someone that is superior to you. That means try and hunt down some 2.1k players that might need "an extra guy" for their 3's comp. Back in LK, I used to always hang around in Durotor and just /inspect and see who was good and start talking to them. Most people will be dicks, its natural, that's their way to exclude the lesser players. But eventually you'll find someone that will give you a shot and that's you're chance to prove to them you're "worthy." And what I mean by "worthy" is not your actually player skill, but how social able and "cool" you are in skype. As long as these people like you, you'll always be able to play with them.

    That entire paragraph is a short guide essentially how I got carried to Duelist during LK and I was never a good player. Now I'm even worse, but now I'm just a filthy casual scrub.
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    I feel your pain and am in a similar situation. I have an alt on Horde Tich which I look for partners on. Trade there is still flowing with people. Most of them think they are better than they are but if you don't lose the 1st few games they might hang around long enough to be regular.

    It is strange though. Last few seasons I had heaps of people keen but I was reluctant to leave due to team setup where as this season the offers are much less. I don't know why but maybe people are playing with Real ID folks instead of server friends more..

    Either way. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrean View Post
    Oqueue is an abomination...
    Funny how that happened after it got front paged on this site.... Just pointing that out
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    at first i was like... hmmm 2k is above average... then i realized its us. ehehhe

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpeddakota View Post
    Funny how that happened after it got front paged on this site.... Just pointing that out
    Although ive had a few bad experiences with Oqueue ive had more good ones than bad. It's not perfect by any means but for someone like me where my realm is really bad for finding anyone to do Arena or any other PvP I think its kept me playing this year as I have no time for PvE.
    A little time and patience is needed to find decent people/players (I only 3v3) but once you've found a couple of decent people to befriend you can go quite far, this last couple of months ive found myself a couple of decent friends and am currently sat on 1871 rating for 3s (not the best I know but I can only manage a few hours a week to play WoW). Blizzard should make their own version of Oqueue (I read somewhere they were? not sure though).

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    I think honestly the biggest problem for me personally is my play time is erratic. I am older with kids so I can't commit to raid schedule anymore which is why I PvP mostly honestly. It will be nice when there is the trial of the champion because I can schedule around that.

    I guess I will just keep plugging away, the best way I find people to play with right now is to get into the 1800+ RBG groups, play well then spam my realid at the end of the group. I have managed to find a few people that way but it is harder because they aren't always the best comp for 3v3 where comp matters more than most everything else.

    I also have been looking into the PvP guilds that seem to have 15-20 regular players to see if I can meet some people that way.

    Thanks for the input guys.

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    Another good option is to play 2's. Now you may be thinking "why 2's, 2's is for scrubs!" Well 2's is a really good way to find someone that is stuck like you and can't find people to push 3's rating with. It's also really easy to play 2's and instead of being bored looking for people for 3's, you can play 2's and start meeting people. This is what I did back then aside from annoying people outside of durotor and spamming duels, I would always ask for a healer for 2's in the general chat.

    The best thing to say in general for you is... "2k DK LF 1.9-2.1k healer for 2's for rating push, have skype." This type of message keeps the 1500-1700 point cappers away and will attract people stuck in the same situation as you. Eventually you'll get someone to play 2's with and they'll either be good, bad or decent. You might come across healers that are decent, but tend to get caught in obvious CC.

    You might get healers who don't anticipate incoming damage very well and it will cause you to die. Whatever the case is, you're never going to find a perfect player, you're going to play with decent people looking to improve. The best thing to do is to never write someone off after a couple of games unless they are really really bad or have a shitty attitude.

    Another important thing to do is to be really annoying. People who I used to do 2's or any form of pvp with I would add to friends and anytime they got on I would bother them to come and play 2's/3's ect. While its stalkish and weird and it might put some people off, it really does create some "bond" with some people. You can't just play some games with someone and expect them to hit you up again. I've learned that most people in this game are really shy. In most cases you need to be the one that has to take the initiative to constantly interact with people and be the first to "hit them up."

    Eventually this whole 2's process will get you to meet different kinds of people and usually those people will know other people where some day you'll be able to do serious 3's. It isn't easy. This entire game both pve and pvp doesn't really take any individual skill. It's all about who you know and how well you can get people to do what you want.

    There's probably hundreds if not thousands of players in this game currently that are 1700 rated/LFR raiders that have the individual skill set to be a Gladiator/Heroic Raider but fail at talking to people. If you can't interact with people or you're unwilling to, you're basically stuck under the bottom part of any of this games content. I would even argue that you'll spend more time interacting with people than playing the actual game at any competitive part of this game. If you're going to be spending hours playing with the same people, you're going to naturally want to know who they are, what they do ect.
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    Oqueue. Found my team there when I was looking for a 3v3 mount farm. Now at 2,2k with those guys.

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    So I just wanted to report back with what I have been doing on this front and what I have learned. First of all, I did join a PvP focused guild to get access to more people that were not looking in trade, etc. While it was fun at first, I quickly learned that if your PvP focused guild does not have requirements to join then the level of player will be mostly pretty low. I did some BGs and arena with a few different people and comps and the just lack of knowledge about other classes was somewhat appalling. I always somewhat thought that if you were a PvP focused player that one of the first things you did was have a very good understanding of what the other classes can do and when they are doing it.

    Anyway, I also realized in playing with these guys that I am also not as good as I believed myself to be previously. Maybe I am rusty, maybe I have just been carried in the past, but I feel like I was not playing up to the level that I am used to playing at. I at least could see where I had made mistakes and started to correct them, but I still felt like there were games that we should have won had I been playing better.

    I also learned that oqueue is very good for finding people when you don't care about skill or rating, but outside of that it is garbage. If you just want to do 1300 RBG to cap or 1200 arena to tank your rating then you are good to use oqueue. I somewhat feel like higher rated RBG is kinda dead? I am only at 1900 RBG rating, but it was extremely difficult to even find teams running that. I had to join 1700 teams and play for 3 point wins. It used to be that even when you were playing a 1700 team every few games you would get matched up against a higher level team 1900+. That seems to never happen anymore.

    So I have been thinking about it a lot, and I believe that there are a ton of players who are somewhat in my boat (based on who I see in random BGs). Players who like to PvP but have not networked very well or lost skill level as the CC arms war has gone up. Players who basically do trash 2v2 to cap out their points each week so they can have full gear to do random BGs with and have fun. Out of all the arena games I have done on all my characters this season, the most fun I have had is when I go 1v1 or 1v2 in random BGs against equally geared players. I have had some pretty fun battles with people that were very good and I thought it was enjoyable.

    I guess what I have learned is that I am just antiquated for the competitive arena/RBG scene (perhaps because of my age, or my family life that limits my playtime) and that I should just be happy capping gear on alts and having fun in random BGs. /sigh

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    I wouldn't go that far man. You have to take into account the state of PvP at the moment. This season isn't exactly one of the best. Lots of decent/good players have taken a hiatus till the next season or WoD. It's simply harder to find a team these days, but it isn't impossible. Keep trying.

    I am currently in the same boat as you, playing on 1,9k to 2k and trying to find a steady group that doesn't suck since I want to push 2,2k before the next season.

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    I would think finding a proper pvp guild is the ultimate solution.

    I've always played on smallish pve oriented servers. I have only seen one kind of pvp guild (and always from the outside). The core it starts with has a similar skill level, but the players it fills out with have varying skill levels (some better, some worse). This leads to a lot of frustration, and the guild collapses. I've been playing since TBC, and I can only think of 1 pvp oriented guild that survived a full season.

    I've long been curious about the nature of pvp guilds on larger, pvp oriented servers. Are they much more stable? Or are stable ones still the exception? Do pvp guilds need strict entry requirements to ensure everyone has similar skills and objectives? Or are there pvp guilds out there that are successful with different stratas of players? Where the top tier group up and do their thing, and then hop on alts to coach their less skilled members?

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    WoW seems to be less social than it used to be. Like others have said your best bet is to meet new people and become friends.

    I have used OQ and trade chat and have added a few players I enjoy playing with to my friends list and can invite them or they can invite their friends when we want to pvp.

    Hopefully the pvp community can become more social and less one time LF2's so the pvp community can go back in the right direction. This goes for WoW completely the LFG options and with the future adjustments to it pick up groups will be easier and easier to start but the core still needs to be social or things will drop to yolo wow and slowly bleed out.

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    I am on one of the larger PvP servers in the US, but since it has an overwhelming horde majority it has shifted to be a PvE server because of the population. Since there are no alliance to fight the need for PvP guilds has seemed to dwindle. I think CRZ helps this a little bit, but honestly I can remember being on equally dsitributed servers where there were thriving PvP guilds that did nothing but battle. I used to be on a server that had PvP guilds "guard" raid entrances at peak times which would of course start some pretty epic battles. Also, when you were getting ganked traditionally your only avenue of safety was to call your guild to come help.

    Anyway, I think I might give it a little more time to develop. Perhaps I was expecting too much too quickly and I need to be more patient with my oqueue groups and the new pvp guilds that are cropping up. I just wish I could play more than 2-3 times a week for a few hours a time, that is probably what is really holding me back to be honest.

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    Outland EU is very PvP based - lots of people asking in trade chat for teams/LFM. Perhaps find a heavily PvP focused realm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toralin View Post
    Outland EU is very PvP based - lots of people asking in trade chat for teams/LFM. Perhaps find a heavily PvP focused realm?
    Yeah, in the US that is Tichondrius, but it also has a queue most times it is so populated. I am actually spending a little bit of time rerolling to an alliance pvp server Kel'Thuzad because it has a pvp community like Tich does, but no queues.

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    well, i've been away from pvp for almost over a year. i quit the game for 6 months and got back liek 4 months ago. im currently in a top pve guild in my realm but i want to pvp again. i was high warlord twice and got up to 600 rbgs wins or something. but the thing is that the people i used to play with and everyoen i was playing against or something ,everyone quitted lol. i feel like im in a complete new game. i have tons of skype contacts from rbg players and everyone i talk to, isnt playing anymore.

    i'm a moonkin, if anyone needs one daii#2627, that's my real id..

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