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    I hope so, really dislike Pandaria log on, not as bad as Lich log on though.. I'd be happy with another dark portal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballantines View Post
    Depends, I'm just a Desert Strike fan, log in, click Desert Strike, play, leave. Sometimes I try other new custom maps but the godawful Arcade system is really bad at promoting new maps which people will actually click on, I wish they'd go back to the SC1/WC3 custom game selection system.
    that is there too just click the button to browse servers

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    I would love to choose my backgrounds especially as i go afk alot and usually AFK out i like visual change! would be an excellent idea, mix things up a bit!
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    While I see absolutely no problem with it...Blizz will probably come up with some excuse as to why it won't happen. Didn't like any of the Login Screens since Wrath.

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    Hopefully WOD's is up to par with BC's. It's not at all wrong to assume they will use a portal again. I'm also sick of seeing the Mogu statues. Be nice if they at least changed it because of recent events.

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