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    Came back to wow. What enchants for weapons?

    Me and a few friends came back to WoW with free trials and are leveling new characters. We all have virtually unlimited gold on other servers for enchanting our heirlooms and have no idea what to enchant our stuff with now that heirlooms have changed. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm particularly looking for DW monk weapon enchants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercarcher View Post
    I'm particularly looking for DW monk weapon enchants.
    Dancing Steel. Top enchant for both WW and BrM, basically.

    Unless memory fails me I do believe you can enchant heirlooms with anything... but it scales down to your level.

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    Brm: Dual Windsong until ~level 35, landslide until 80, then dancing steel.
    I assume for WW it will be the same, although windsong might last longer or he can also try elemental force instead of windsong.

    Here's a list btw https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/

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