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    Holy 4pc pvp bonus

    I'm sure it's been discussed before by seriously... why isn't a 5 second CD on chakra swapping just baseline? Current iteration of chakra feels closer to choosing a spec to play for a raid that night rather than actively swapping between specs to get the full the full use of holy's arsenal.

    In modern wow stuff happens way faster than every 30 seconds. In a raid, 5 man, heroic scenario or whatever pretty much whatever chakra stance you go into you end up stuck there. Adds up and everyone's topped off and want to help burst em down disc style? Swap to chastise... and then sit there for 30 seconds doing sub-optimal healing. I'm pretty sure that holy is balanced around being in serenity or sanctuary for actual healing so anytime you're not in there you're essentially nerfing yourself.

    They gave holy this really awesome way to be a very versatile player and then essentially screwed it up by putting a 30 second CD on it. But, in pvp with the 4 piece this goes down to 5 seconds and not just makes holy more powerful but it makes it so very very very much more fun.

    Want to help burst a player down? Swap chastise and put out some respectable healer dps. Oh crap now someone is getting focused then you can almost immediately swap back to serenity and pump out some very very strong single target hps. Everyone on your team is pretty low? Swap to sanctuary and divine hymn and once that's over and you topped everyone off go back to either chastise or serenity.

    Obviously if they made it a set bonus to drop the CD down to 5 seconds it's not this grossly over powered ability. I really wish they dropped it to a baseline 5 second CD since that'd make holy so much more fun to play in pve as well as pvp.

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    Because there's the other half of the game known as "Not PvP," and Blizzard wants Chakra in raids to be a meaningful choice, not stance dancing.

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    I think im in the same boat, i enjoy playing PVP Holy a lot, but i'd rather play my shaman or druid if i was to be forced to play PVE Holy... 30s chakra mechanics just dont do it for me i guess

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    it worked great back when it felt like there were some bosses that had it in mind in design and it fit in pretty well, like chogall and maloriak's phase rotations
    their have been tiers we it felt pretty nice with most boss's phase timers

    SoO is really bad though, as instead, it has a lot bosses that repeat the same cycle of tough abilities much more more quickly for almost every boss: immerseus, sha, shamans, naz, spoils, and garrosh all make chakra feel like being tied to a brick than useful too and it's not too amazing on the others with garrosh's 50s and shamans' 30s rotations being the dumbest things ever

    but yah, they have a 15s cd likely coming in wod, and a 20% healing loss what it turned into for fights with burst aoe damage

    it'll be interesting to see how holy turns out with 20 man uniform raids, as currently, renew is the best way to heal in 10s and 25s is prayer spam, I'm hoping they tune things well enough it'll be fight dependent

    this is all because they didn't want holy to be like warriors and hunters where you needed a macro for every move and an eagle cawing at you every second when you turn on the sound to play the spec, but it really hasn't worked out well and most the time, people just sit in 1 chakra for entire fights at this point

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