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    Resto tier bonuses

    So I haven't played Resto in a long time (wrath; been tanking through Mists after going rogue for Cata) and I was setting up my third gear set (which is about 540 ilvl) and I was curious how good the tier set bonuses were for this tier. They seem pretty decent but I'm not sure whether they are worth taking lower ilvl pieces just for the bonuses.

    Also I was curious if anyone could give a rough estimate of how much spirit they run. I don't expect to heal much more then flex in this xpac so I doubt I'll need too much just curious if anyone had a rough estimate of what I might need.

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    Are you raiding 10 or 25 man and do you already have Heroic T15 2/2 upgraded 2/4 sets? 10 man I feel gets more from the burst healing nature of T16 gear (though I probably wouldn't break Heroic T15 4 set until you have Normal T16 2 set) while 25 man gets pretty good mileage from T15 (didn't break my Heroic T15 4 set until I had Heroic T16 2 set), especially at the 13136 Haste breakpoint.

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    What's your current gear? The set bonuses for T15 are better than the set bonuses for T16, but they're both okay. I wouldn't break a set bonus just to replace an LFR tier piece with a flex offset piece, but I'd probably ditch the LFR tier bits if I happened to get some Ordos loot.

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    Also I was curious if anyone could give a rough estimate of how much spirit they run.
    A bit below 13k works for me on heroic modes at this point. You might actually want slightly more for flex. In heroic, the extra burst you gain from reforging spirit to mastery is more useful than the extra few Rejuvenates that more spirit lets you cast (as you're filling every GCD during burst phases anyway). At lower difficulties there is less burst damage, but your lower item level may leave you struggling to keep up with the ongoing damage. In general you need less spirit the more experienced you are and the more you trust the other healers to do their share of the work.
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    Comparing heroic upgraded t15, the old set bonuses are really strong and the t16 lack behind. I choose to switch to the new bonuses when I got a full 561 t16 set (now being full 574). I didn't have a full upgraded t15 tho, some of them where non-heroic. I totally LOVE Sagemender and therefore looking forwards to the clearcast-100-talent, even tho it's not really the same.

    TL;DR: if you have heroic upgraded t15, you can stick with it for whole SoO. Only switch to t16 if you have a serious ilvl there.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. I'll probably only be doing this for lower number flexes (like sub 16 players). Also I don't have any tier set pieces from ToT (this has mostly just been flex and pug normal SoO OS gear since my main and main OS [guardian/feral] don't need any gear below heroics)

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