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    What is the one thing in WoW that you want changed or removed from the game?

    I am a collector. I like collecting transmog sets, pets, mounts and transformation items. I have done a good deal to get some of the things I have in the game. One thing that scarred me for life is the damn Argent Tournament. I seriously can't go back there and I still don't have all the mounts and pets. But anytime I go there, pick up quests and pick up a lance, it's like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I get horrid flashbacks and terrible anxiety and have to hearth and abandon all the quests. If they made it so you got more tokens per day or the mounts weren't 100+ tokens I might actually force myself though it. As it stands I would be doing the dailies for months to finish it up. I can't do it. My hands are shaking as I type it.

    So what is that one thing that gets to you in game that you would love to see changed or just removed entirely because trying to do it makes you feel on the verge of a breakdown?

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    Cross-Realm Zones -tech.

    Just get the Connected Realms done and undo previous system.
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    Below-average & slightly above-average skilled players.

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    The shitfull attitude of the community.
    'Words do not win wars. That is a tragedy.'

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    Cross-realm zones.

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    sub fee?

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    Cross realm zones for sure, why is it they put cross realm zones in all of the areas we don't want them, like farming spots..

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    People that have better gear or skill than me.

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    pandaren should of been purely alliance. even the expansion itself showed this.

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    Cyclone/Heart of the Wild

    RIP The Mythic Dream

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    hard thing to pick just one
    Even tho I like arena, I would love for it to never have been implemented, it should have been a seperate game

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    Separate pve and pvp spell effects - thats what i want to see changed

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    In loot, dps, everything.

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    Remove gnomes. Because fuck gnomes lol
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    the cancerous and toxic community. But to fix that we would need to ban atleast 50% of the players. Remove lfd. Damage meters. paid server/name/faction change. So it wont happen. Ever

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    I'd like to see the instant CC tweaked in some way. Maybe not completely removed, but remove a little from certain classes. Hunters, for example, have entirely too much.

    Other than that, not really sure. Cross realm zoning is terrible when it comes to questing, but it's nice to be able to sit in Durotar/Goldshire and see tons of people dueling or looking for arenas/RBGs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Remove gnomes. Because fuck gnomes lol
    no, i love my gnome.
    you cruel, cruel, person

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    Quote Originally Posted by XyroN View Post
    Below-average & slightly above-average skilled players.
    SO - you would eventually end up with 1 player ?

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    Two frist weeks of expansion gearing up. Give me mine entry raid level gear so i can log only on raids.

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