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    I can only pick 1?

    How crits work.
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
    "If you are not capable of cruelty, you are absolutely a victim to anyone who is" - J. Peterson

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    oh... LFR for sure. And this is coming from a person only doing LFR, nothing else this whole xpansion.

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    Remove heroic, normal and flex raids. Only LFR stay. No joke.

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    "Inherited will, the destiny of the age, the dreams of its people..
    As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom, these things will never cease!"

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    Add scenarios for lower levels and remove a good 50% of the "community".
    Sometimes updated...

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    Remove player controlled characters.

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    Cross realm zoning was kind of bad yes. Idea was good but the content in which they applied it was so trivial you could solo anything anyway

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    The substantial amounts of elitest assholes who think they are all that and better then everyone, The ones who have been ruining the community of this game since wrath of the lich king, Cause I barely ran into these fucks in Vanilla and TBC.

    Other then that, Honestly as someone whoi doesn't bother with PvP I believe it should just be flat out removed from the game for balance reasoning. You try to balance something for PvP, And you fuck the class in PvE. Try to balance the class in PvE, They fuck the class for PvP. Its stupid, Besides the main aspect focus of this game, and even stated by blizzard is PvE (Proven by the fact PvP was only world PvP before the introduced BGS sometime after the games release ( I believe about 6 months or so after)

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    cross realm zones

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    More than one thing because fuck the police.
    This isn't just a list of removals, there's some changed or additions.

    +Dynamic world events, not just oversized loot pinatas.
    +Add danger back into the world
    +Night time in the game making it really feel like night.
    +A way to earn store items like mounts/pets BY PLAYING THE GAME
    -Cyrillic characters being allowed in names
    -BOTS! removed forever, permanently, accounts deleted.
    -LFR removed because it cheapens the experience too much
    -Resilience changed/removed, 80% less damage on players is not FUN
    -PvP gear being required for PvP
    -Toy items taking up trinket slots
    -"Toxic" attitude of most players
    -Lack of incentive for players to play with others/join guilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheathx View Post
    The substantial amounts of elitest assholes who think they are all that and better then everyone, The ones who have been ruining the community of this game since wrath of the lich king, Cause I barely ran into these fucks in Vanilla and TBC.
    I can agree with this, although I met quite a few of them in Classic and BC as well. But yes, those definitely need to go away.

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    10/25 shared lockouts

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    10 charakters

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    Look For Raid no doubt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzaman View Post
    Cross-Realm Zones -tech.

    Just get the Connected Realms done and undo previous system.
    Not a bad idea to be honest. It has it's perks, but I hate when I party with someone who is really cool and I always forget to add them and never see them again

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    Quote Originally Posted by XyroN View Post
    Below-average & slightly above-average skilled players.
    People like this guy.

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    Going to take the cliche route, but it's LFR. The thing that has stolen my motivation to raid. I already saw the raid so no point doing flex. I need the raid to reward me by seeing new content, otherwise it's not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wordsmith View Post
    People like this guy.

    Plus Daze. Blizzard has defended stun to the death, but I curse like a sailor whenever it happens. Not once have I felt like it added to my immersion. Having someone clicking their fingernails in my ears would feel more immersive that being dazed.
    Blindingly defending Blizzard; ignorantly trashing Blizzard. Both require an emotional investment that I'm unwilling to give. I'll take reason, logic, facts, and the willingness to accept that I may be wrong. At the end of the day I'll have nothing to account for and I may even have learned something.

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    Make LFR easier to kick or punish poisonous players who grief and do stupid shit. Less scenarios and more 5 mans! Make 5 mans more challeging! Make scenarios something you do while questing to farm exp, then heroic scenarios and heroic 5 mans at end game. Fix the bad RNG from loot drops for example, you have a raid and no one in your raid wears mail, take all mail loot off boss tables so you have better chances of getting things you actually need! A new class every 2 years, 3 new races Ogres = horde & Arrakoa = Alliance & Ethereal = neutral then choose a faction like Pandaren. All raids and all 5 mans are scale able and you can do them at level cap and you get scaled down to make it challeging and you can join groups in the Raid browser.

    Okay, sorry now it's turning into a wish list.

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