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    Thats proboaly my biggest one. TBC raid model thanks.
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    One thing? It's hard to give you one specific thing. I guess my ideal game would definitely include a better 5 man dungeon system. I'm not saying LFD should go away, but dungeons HAVE to be harder. The difficulty level of heroics in MOP is what I imagine normals are. Heroics should be difficult, require CC, coordination, strategy, etc. They should be mini-raids with relative difficulty. I remember Cata/BC heroics fondly and I wish they would come back. I'm pretty sure this will never happen unless they make "Mythic" dungeons. They tried in cataclysm, but people whined and it got removed.

    I enjoy running 5 mans, but the faceroll 5 mans of MOP are really crappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathonia View Post
    As it stands I would be doing the dailies for months to finish it up. I can't do it. My hands are shaking as I type it.
    Haha, raiders felt the same about toc... You're not alone, friend :P
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    I would remove epic gear from a lot of stuff. Use epics to attract people to try out flex, normal and eventually hc.
    I would also like if the gear that dropped from lfr was worse looking than what flex, normal and hc drops - kind of what they had with pvp sets in wrath. Furious looked more badass than Hateful, that sort of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    the cancerous and toxic community. But to fix that we would need to ban atleast 50% of the players. Remove lfd. Damage meters. paid server/name/faction change. So it wont happen. Ever
    banning them wont fix their attitude. you have to beat them into submission.

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    Race/Class combo restrictions. If some new Pandas can show up and teach my Gnome to be a monk, then an OLD DRUID can show up and train him too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Remove gnomes. Because fuck gnomes lol
    I agree remove gnomes, also belves. my 2 most hated races.

    Also bring back have group will travel, waiting 15 min for people to get to Ordos or Celestials is annoying as fack. Have quing available for H scenarios, it get annoying spamming trade. Brings back bad memories of classic spamming for hours. Make norm SoO Xrealm viable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosturn View Post
    I would remove epic gear from a lot of stuff. Use epics to attract people to try out flex, normal and eventually hc.
    I would also like if the gear that dropped from lfr was worse looking than what flex, normal and hc drops - kind of what they had with pvp sets in wrath. Furious looked more badass than Hateful, that sort of thing.
    LFR gear is worse than flex/norm/heroic, maybe they should just make LFR gear look blue so peopel don't think it's better than norm/heroic lol.

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    If you had asked this question a few months ago, I would have said cross realm zones. But they have grown on me and made my once dead realm seem so much more alive than it has been in two years. So with that notion gone, I would have to say the one thing I would like removed from the game would be the static portals such as to Hellfire or Deepholm, etc. Instead give us a way to make the trip on wing or foot, as it once was. Don't remove mage portals of course, but keep those as they are, to the cities.

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    Raids. Honestly.

    I enjoy raids to an extent, but they are consuming the majority of dev resources and they are the primary reason this game stagnates. That stagnation is the primary reason the game is losing subs, incidentally. The game could be so much more, but it isn't. Thanks to raids, raids, raids and more raids, and the devs being too comfortable pumping these silly raids.

    Maybe WoW will die without raids. If it dies, so be it, it didn't deserve to live.
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    Better 5 man progression so that they aren't solo-able a month into the expansion.
    Somewhere between the BC and Cata heroics mixed would be ideal.
    Plenty of mechanics on trash that might kill both your tank and your group.

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    I feel like I spend more time moving around the world than playing in the world so I'd like a comprehensive redesign of the over land experience in WoW.

    Not detailed enough?
    -remove grazing mobs, unless they happen to be grazing animals. Give everything some kind of path and story.
    -remove near path spawning. Have enemies come from a location that makes sense and move to where they would normally go.
    -tighten up the landscape. More depth, more natural boundaries, more z-axis progress management. Ask whoever designed Howling Fjord how to do this, then improve it.
    -harden the tree canopy, don't let people fly through it safely without risk of damage or being dismounted.
    -put more features into the world. Having small villages of closely clustered buildings is weird and it makes for many dull areas, same with areas of ruins. Dot the terrain with features, and have some places where those features are more dense than others, don't just cluster them in binary feature sets.
    -caves, valleys, cliffs and other natural barriers or paths don't always need to be extreme zone defining barriers. They can instead lead a player through an area.
    -mix quest goals into the same area. There's no need for everything to be extremely separate, and no need to force people to progress one at a time through quests in an area. It's weird and makes the questing really thoughtless.
    -redevelop mounted combat. Give people a handful of abilities that are usable while riding in order to give them some level of control over the wildlife that is active, rather than hoping not to be dazed.

    There's more I'm sure, but you get the idea.

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    mop tree talent system.

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    * LFR
    * Battlegrounds - because it would be fun to raid tarren's mill again

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    10 and 25mans and go 40 again.

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    I have something I would like put back: Have group will travel. honestly if people wanted to experience the world, they'd freaking do it. Dont force us to do that crap.

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    To some extend LFD

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    Levelling. Blizzard know this is a problem already, but have no idea how to really tackle it.

    The free level 90 is there entirely so a new player can get to the endgame before it starts asking for subscription fees. That kind of fixes one half of the levelling problem. Now a new player can experience the endgame a bit.

    The second part of the problem is that every bit of content that comes out completely negates everything that's gone before. New expansion? Well I guess those previous 30 raids are a bit pointless now!

    But what of the world? What of the quests? Well, what of them? They'll still be there. You can do them for the story. Even transmog gear. You just wouldn't be *forced* to do them for 3 months before you can actually play. You wouldn't find halfway through a zone that you might as well abandon that quest chain and story because the quests are now grey to you. You won't go back for the Loremaster achievement, and find it too easy to be any fun.

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