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    I want all queue systems gone and replaced with listing tools like the original LFG and the new LFG that they are developing for warlords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathonia View Post
    I am a collector. I like collecting transmog sets, pets, mounts and transformation items. I have done a good deal to get some of the things I have in the game. One thing that scarred me for life is the damn Argent Tournament. I seriously can't go back there and I still don't have all the mounts and pets. But anytime I go there, pick up quests and pick up a lance, it's like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I get horrid flashbacks and terrible anxiety and have to hearth and abandon all the quests. If they made it so you got more tokens per day or the mounts weren't 100+ tokens I might actually force myself though it. As it stands I would be doing the dailies for months to finish it up. I can't do it. My hands are shaking as I type it.

    So what is that one thing that gets to you in game that you would love to see changed or just removed entirely because trying to do it makes you feel on the verge of a breakdown?
    Lol its fast and easy farm. Ive done it 3 times, once on main, 2nd time on alt and again after fraction change. (to get all mounts and pets i mean)

    Anyway if i could remove anything it would be everything i have to pay for, besides subscription. I mean mounts, those stupid helmets, pets and all the horrible things that are comming...

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    Remove -> Stupid amount of CC and extensive amount of abilities

    Change -> PvP system. Especially gearing. Disallow selling arena wins (ban them or whatever) same goes to RBG. Remove or improve 2v2 bracket. Dampening? Battle Fatigue? Base Resil? How many more stupid 'systems' there is yet to be seen in PvP. It takes about 18-24k honor points to actually start having fun...

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    changed -> attunements back
    removed -> pvp - should be a seperate game client anyway
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    GTA 5 has not sold so well on PC and the Multi player version (the one that is measured through Xfire) was not that good. It typically shows that on line competitive PC games are played LOOOOONG after they have been published.

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    Combo points on the rogue

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    changed: pvp, it's all about cc and spam disables

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    The community (toxic sons of bitches) and quest helper which negatively influenced a great deal of an immersive world.
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    The free level 90 is there entirely so a new player can get to the endgame before it starts asking for subscription fees. That kind of fixes one half of the levelling problem. Now a new player can experience the endgame a bit.
    Leveling has a purpose in that it teaches you how to play or at least it should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santoryu View Post
    Leveling has a purpose in that it teaches you how to play or at least it should.
    Refer-a-Friend and Scroll-of-Rezz (instant level 80) would like a word with you.

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    I want elitists removed from the game, mind you I don't mean the Elite. There is a difference. Elite players are very good at the game, the best skill. Elitists are very good at the game and can't feel good about it themselves unless they can imagine that playing world of warcraft better than someone else makes you more important. Its like being the skinniest kid at fat camp. These people spend their days pooping on their own rose bushes because they think their shit smells better than the roses.

    Get rid of the elitists asshats would be the best thing to ever happen to wow. No toxic behavior. Nobody feeling entitled to special rewards and attention.

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    Cata Archaeology's ridiculous RNG. RNG is fine, but not that much of it.

    Other than that, hard to say anything else really until we see what endgame in WoD is like.

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    Removal of the need for a trinity in all random-queue content. Make them work like Scenarios, both Dungeons and LFR, while adding a Heroic pre-form only version of Dungeons. Then, normal scenarios and dungeons and LFR all get nice, short queue times and no need to stress about every little thing, and the tanks and healers can all skate through other content modes if they don't want to get their tootsies dirty with the random crowd, or just run DPS in the randoms to gear up to tank/heal in organized content.

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    Go back to 1 raid difficulty and make it heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    The Horde, remove it. All of it. All trace of it.
    The game would loose a lot of flavour and story potential by removing any one of the factions. This should be obvious to anyone who is not blinded by bias.

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    I'd like for them to remove the people who complain how much the game sucks but still play.
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    Blizzard Store. the one that sells pets/mounts etc. (but keep the in game services such as rename/transfere)

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    Gear colour. Seriously people get obsessed about such an arbitrary thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Fyrion- View Post
    Blizzard Store. the one that sells pets/mounts etc. (but keep the in game services such as rename/transfere)
    I sort of agree with this one as well.

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    Flying mounts should be changed - 15 minute cooldown.

    That way you can still travel, but no more hopping around.

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    1. Gnomes
    2. Safe zones on pvp realms
    3. FP with stupids routes
    4. Daily cds
    5. Gnomes
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I want to get rid of semi-empty servers. Merge dead servers (in a logical manner) please.

    I also kind of want to get rid of LFR/LFG. It really disconnects you from the world, and everything becomes rather automated and robotic. I liked the old system better, but for it to work it needs lively servers (see my first point).

    Also, I think having mounts and pets buyable for real money is a joke when the game is subscription based. In addition, having them cost as much, or more, as the game words.

    In general, I wish the game would encourage you more to find groups to do various stuff, like having small battles around the world. Instead of boring achievment grinds that really aren't fun at all.
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