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    Question Restoration Druid - Differences Between 10 and 25 man

    My guild is starting to look towards Worlds of Draenor Mythic raiding with 20 man raid content. Part of this is forming into a 25m raid before the expansion hits so we have the raiders. Next week we're going to be trying to co-op with another 10m 11/14H guild to see how we mesh and if a merge for WoD is a sound idea.

    It has been quite a while since I've raided at a high level in 25man; and with the sudden jump from 10 to 25m I want to be prepared for any differences in healing. Does anyone have experience in both 25m and 10m to give me and anyone else who may be in the same circumstances some tips? Restoration Druid specific advice is very useful, but general healing advice is also appreciated.


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    Honestly there really isn't much difference between the 2. If this is a one time thing, I hardly think you will notice much of a difference to be honest. In fact some of the bosses are actually easier to heal on 25 than they are in 10. There is also a ton of room for error on 25.

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    You will most likely need more spirit. There are far fewer opportunities to use genesis effectively. On the other hand keeping your efflorescence in a good place is much easier .

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