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    I don't understand the LFR hate. If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple as that. If you are in a guild who does normals/heroics/flex, what does it matter of some "mouth breathers" are off doing their own thing? NOTHING.

    And the removal of some stats is amazing. If you like that sorta stuff, then we might as well bring back resists and let us reforge those. Can't survive a fight unless you can't hit XXX fire resist so just reforge your other resist stat to that, but you still need to make sure your hit is up so reforge your shitty stat to hit then exp, then you can finally focus on doing some damage. It's brainless. Gems were the same thing, takes more time to remember the name of the damn gem then it is to figure out what stat you need.

    EDIT: Oh and I also love the "i just got a new piece of gear so brb I have to go gem, enchant, and REFORGE EVERYTHING BECAUSE THE ONE PIECE THROWS EVERYTHING OFF."
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