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    prot warrior as a leveling partner ?

    hey all,

    just after a little advice,
    my friend and i are returning to wow after a decent break but decided to start brand new toons. no heirlooms!! just to get that old fashioned feeling of wow back
    my question is , he is gong to play a gnome rogue or mage and i am probably going to play as gnome warrior prot spec, would that be a good combo to lvl as or should i look at other classes. not fussed what i play but its gotta be gnomes haha

    sorry if the format is borked something wrong with this pc

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    It would be a fine combo.

    However, don't expect "that old fashioned feeling of wow". It's a completely different experience than it was in VL/BC/WOTLK.

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    If you plan on doing dungeons(sounds like you're in for questing tho) a tank and a dps sound optimal as dungeon healing is mostly about tank healing which is pretty straightforward, so you wouldn't need a healer. I don't think you could use a healer for questing either and tank dps isn't bad there either so what you have seems right.

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    At this point in WoW, tank specs are invincible during leveling and typically do more damage than PvE specs lol. Also, it doesn't matter what you combo with, solo leveling is viable with any class... therefore...

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    Prot warrior is the best class to dungeon level as. Highest dps by quite a bit. Monks are able to move quicker through a dungeon while still maintaining aggro, but that requires a good (well... at least better than the LFD average) healer anyways.

    But yeah, prot warriors are the best combo to any class when leveling through dungeons. A third player would then be a disc priest.

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    My GF and I leveled from 1-90 together just as you are. She played a BE Arcane Mage, and I a BE Prot Warrior. Leveling is super easy with the two of ya and like stated above, even solo (although at higher levels, the clothie survivability wasn't too hot when she was solo). Leveling at lower levels is sick easy. I just ran around and grabbed every damn thing and she killed it.

    Also as stated above, I'd like to add, leveling isn't like it used to be. You could solo level 1-90 if you want and when I started, it was a lil bit harder (Van,BC). One thing you'll come to appreciate though, is that with collection quests, you both will be able to loot the items from the same corpse (although when collecting spider eyes and such, there are a few "eyeless" spiders....WTF?!)

    Finally, WELCOME BACK!

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    thanks for the reply's. I think I will go prot warrior after all,

    also I know the levelling experience is very different from what it used to be, I meant we aren't using heirlooms so it will be normal speed instead of doing a dungeon and gaining 5 levels haha then out levelling the area we just got to which really used to annoy me

    hope its going to be fun started a little gnome warrior last night and omg at lvl 3 I have a lightsabre :O

    thanks again for the replys wish me luck in tanking

    wikidsik... out !

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