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    "yo mama"

    Seriously though, in wow ? Arena. Never in all my life have I seen calm and friendly people turn into raging Jabberwocky's so quickly. If I wanted to be screamed at like I was back at school, then I would have stayed in my job in complaints department of a certain large telecom company.
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    PVE. Never again, never again..

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    Went to the moon guard inn and tried to troll the RPers.

    I got a 3 hour ban almost immediately.

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    I once grinded a PvP weapon in TBC... ONCE

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    Ever since I completed that, I've had no desire to participate in any holiday event. Just not my thing I guess, I look at holiday events as "what useless junk will fill up my bags?" events.

    Edit: One other thing, once I reach exalted with Emperor Shaohao on my rogue, it's pretty much a guarantee that I'll never attempt that on an alt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
    Moonguard? I hope you didn't bring any CTD's with you
    You're not a wow nerd if you haven't had a character on Moonguard, left scarred for life and had at the very least 2 sleepless nights as a result of what happens in the Goldshire inn.

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    I once did 4 Bc Heroic reps in one sitting. ONCE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
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    Pet battles.
    I did the first few quests and then realized the futility of it all.

    Also all of the holiday achievements. I have no desire to ever do another holiday quest again, as long as i live.

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    Raid Lead a 25-man PUG. Used to do it all the time with half-guild runs during Wrath, but the loot qq and finding consistent, competant players was a headache and a half. We got some good guildies out of it, but overall it was definitely not worth the required organization.

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    Rolled a Horde character.

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    Arena, I think, is the only thing like this. Periodically I will poke my head back into battlegrounds, usually just to see the new maps/environments/etc.

    I've never been interested in getting back into PvP in general, but I've never set foot into arenas after a one-time stretch of around 5 matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    Simply this..............Archaeology.
    when i think back, yeah this 100%.

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    Seriously though, in wow ? Arena.
    I actually had fun in Wotlk/BC Arenas

    Now, I'm one of those raging screaming people when I try to do Arenas in MoP.. it's utterly ridiculous.
    You can be CCd the entirety of a freaking fight... it's ridiculous.

    - Enter Arena
    - Full Fear
    - Half Fear
    - Silence
    - Stun (trinket)
    - Half Stun
    - Oh goodie, fear is reset again, time for a full one!

    A partner in 2s or 3s can be CCd out the entire game if they coordinate their CC.

    I realize not EVERY game went like this but it happens far too often. Not to mention you need partners who have never used Skype or coward pricks end up DDoSing them. DDoSing became a HUGE problem last year in MoP RBGs and Arenas. It seriously has gotten to the point where it's almost impossible to find a RBG team that 1 - doesn't use Skype and 2 - doesn't have someone getting ddosd.

    I thought DDoSing was illegal but no one gives a damn enough to report it to anyone. I imagine the local police department would probably just shrug and say "wtf is a ddos?"

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    Level another character from lvl 1 to lvl 90. I have 5 already and that's more than enough.

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    Level another character from lvl 1 to lvl 90. I have 5 already and that's more than enough.
    What kills leveling for me is how easy it is...

    At some point (easy) + (repetitive) = painful

    Leveling 1-58 doesn't seem to bother me too much, they did a pretty good job on the revamp. Then you get to Outland, all the innovation is gone and it's time to randomly hop around zones to level. It's fine though, Outlands isn't too bad.

    Northrend is a snoozefest but if you dungeon level, that's quick and easy. Cataclysm I feel actually did alright on their leveling.

    MoP - While I enjoy the stories and the zones are wonderfully done, this is what kills it for me. It's so incredibly tedious to level another character from 85-90. You go from 2-3 shotting everything and watching your XP bar move every time you turn a quest in to mobs taking forever to die and turning a quest log full of quests in to barely watch your xp bar even nudge.

    Dungeon grinding in MoP was considerably nerfed and the only legit quick way to level is through the quests.. it's painful. It's so easy, there's no challenge except powering through it. None of the mobs or quests put you in any danger, they just take a while to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHellfire View Post
    Getting married.
    You hate your ex-wife so much? ^^

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    Nagrand Arena
    - did LFR
    - did a raid while being current
    - did a pet battle
    - checked out an RP server

    what a waste of time it all was
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