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    Try and organize a co-ordinated all out war outside a major enemy city.

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    never again

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    Most Likely the Legendary Quest, I just don't have the patience for it, I did it on one toon, that's good enough for me

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    The legendary cape. I didn't complain when I had to do it on my main, but it's so painful trying to do it on my alt. I am sitting at the 3k valor part on my alt and have no desire to continue.
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    Never do Arenas again.

    I was only a serious pvper in vanilla. I remember the 48 hour AV battles with some fondness.

    But Arenas seemed so pointless to me when I first stepped into one. There was no *reason* to fight the other team, other than some tournament.

    I'll pvp for attacking for resources and territory, or for Horde glory, or to defend some others in Wpvp, but I feel nothing with regard to Arenas. It doesn't feel like pvp to me, feels more like Multi-person duels.

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    - Arena and RBG's
    - Pet battle trainers at timeless isle (given up on pet battles anyway)
    - Legendary cloak chain
    - Heroic scenarios and challenge modes,
    - Proving grounds and brawlers guild (haven't even finished it)
    - Killing the faction leaders
    - Leveling Archaeology
    - Winning the fishing tournaments

    Can't think of more atm, probably is many more things though.

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    I will be completley honest.... Archaeology. I leveled it once when it first came out, to max. I still do it occasionally because I want the Bug mount and pets, but I think I burned myself out on it leveling by not stopping to do anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    Simply this..............Archaeology.
    They made it easier like a year ago, every dig is a level now.

    I will never level fishing to max level by fishing.

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    ...when it was even worse.
    The greatest ever thread on MMO-Champion

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