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    how do you bypass forced named changes after xfers\server xfers?

    So there's been a bug that if you are subjected to a name change after xfers\race changes\faction changes, and i'm fine with that, i want a new name, BUT after this is all said and done the bug is that you are forced to change your name AGAIN. There's a way to bypass this and avoid the bug but i forgot what you're supposed to do, and my friend who told me to do it isn't online right now, do any of you guys now?

    SO again:
    Transfer -> Forced name change (Normal) -> successfully changed name, log in -> forced name change once again (Bug)

    This is an issue gms can help with but I'd like to avoid this all together

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    A GM told me once you won't have this problem if you log in once with your transferred character before you change your name, haven't tested it though ...

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