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    If I were given the chance to design the WoD Frost DK

    If I were given the chance to design the Frost DK, I’d essentially start from scratch. Here is how I’d go about doing it.

    I would start by ‘cleansing’ the spec:
    • First, I’d start by scrapping Plague strike, soul reaper, and DnD from Frost’s spellbook. Blood plague no longer exists for this spec. These all should be Unholy-specific in my opinion.
    • There is only one Runeforge now – Fallen crusader.
    • Icy touch rune cost removed, 1 min cd, only infects target with frost fever.
    • Chains of ice rune cost removed, does not infect target with frost fever. 20 sec cd.
    • Next, Dual Wield is gone. No more. The subspec identity crisis has been hindering Frost since we’ve been released in wrath. A choice has to be made, and I choose 2h.
    • Lastly, Army and Raise dead are gone. Those two abilities, in my opinion, should be Unholy-specific. Don’t worry though, death pact talent is gone too, so you’re not missing out.

    I can’t justify building my dream frost spec without scrapping the entire talent tree and starting from scratch as well, so here goes:

    (Each talent is inspired by each spec, in the order of blood/frost/unholy)

    1. Rune Regen tier
    Blood tap: Every rune strike, death coil, or frost strike will give you 2 blood charges up to a maximum of 12. 5 charges will be spent whenever possible to activate a random fully depleted rune.
    Runic empowerment: your rune-spending abilities now generate double the runic power. In addition, max runic power is now 200.
    Runic corruption: Every third rune strike, death coil, or frost strike will increase your rune speed by 100% for 4 seconds.

    2. Movement speed tier:
    Wings of the Blood Queen: Sprout the wings of the blood queen, breaking roots and snares, and increasing movement speed by 70% for 7 seconds. If used in an area where flight is permitted, can fly up to 30yds off the ground. 45 second cd.
    Path of Ice: Freeze the ground up to 40 yds in front of you in a path 5 yds wide. While the Death Knight is on this path, Snares and roots have no effect on him and his movement speed is 130%. Path lasts 30 seconds. 30 second cd.
    Death’s advance: no change

    3. Crowd Control tier
    Asphyxiate: no change
    Chillblains: Adds root effect to Chains of ice. Frost fever ticks reduce target’s movement speed by 10% per tick, up to 50%. Snare lasts 4 seconds, each tick refreshes snare.
    Desecrated ground: Corrupt the ground 8 yards around the target for 15 seconds, rooting all targets within for up to 6 seconds and snaring them to 50% while inside the effect. 30yd range. 30 sec cd.

    4. Health Regen tier:
    Blood mist: Once activated, your next 5 attacks will produce a mist of blood within 10 yards of the target. They will last 10 seconds each and heal you for 5% of your maximum health. 45 sec cd.
    Hungering cold: Purge the heat from the ground and up to 5 targets within 20 yds of you, healing you for 10% of your maximum health per target. Minimum heal is 20%. 75sec cd.
    Black plague: Your autoattacks infect the target with the Black plague for 10 seconds, causing subsequent attacks to heal you for 10% of the damage dealt.

    5. Utility Tier:
    Rain of Blood: Causes your attacks to spill a rain of blood 30 yds around the target for 10 seconds. 250% of the damage done is split between all friendly targets within the rain, maximum heal per target is 25% of damage done. 2min cd.
    Armor of Frost: Once activated, reduces physical damage done to all friendly targets within 15 yds by 30% for 7 seconds. 2min cd.
    Anti magic zone: Spawn an anti magic zone 15yds wide around you, reducing all magic done to friendly targets within by 40% for 7 seconds. 2min cd.

    6. Damage tier:
    Vampirism: Your attacks soak you in blood, which increases your strength by 1% for 10 seconds per attack, up to 10%.
    Remorseless Winter: Once activated, all enemies within 5 yds of you become more vulnerable to your attacks each second, increasing all damage you do to them by 4% per stack, up to 20%. Vulnerability lasts 5 seconds, winter effect lasts 15 seconds. 2min cd
    Unholy Frenzy: Increase haste, crit, and mastery by 15% for 20 seconds. 2min cd

    7. Ascended Death Knight tier:
    Bloody runeblade: Your str is passively increased by 7% and you are immune to fear effects while Fallen Crusader is active.
    Icy runeblade: Your runeblade is serrated with icy spikes, dealing bonus damage with each attack. These spikes deal 200% more damage while Fallen Crusader is active, and you are immune to stuns during this time.
    Unholy runeblade: Your runeforge effect is doubled, and you are immune to disarm while Fallen Crusader is active.

    Frost rotation mechanics:
    Blood of the north: blood runes are permanently transformed into Death runes. These death runes can only be used by abilities that expend death runes.
    Winter is coming: Obliterate and Frost strike hits have a 30% chance, and crits have a 60% chance to activate Winter is Coming for 6 seconds. Usage of a death rune during this time grants you a Howling Blast charge and consumes the effect.
    Empowered Frost Fever: In addition to Frost Fever's dot: increases the Death Knight’s ability to crit the target by 15% for 30 sec
    Killing Machine: Autoattacks have a chance to activate Killing machine for 5 seconds, increasing the Death Knight’s crit chance by 75%. Every percent above 100% that this puts the Death Knight is converted into increased critical damage.
    Mastery: no change.

    Frost rotation abilities
    Obliterate: Obliterate the target for 200% weapon damage as physical, Crits deal 225% damage as frost if target is infected with Empowered Frost Fever. Costs 1 frost and 1 unholy rune.
    Frost strike: Strike the target for 150% weapon damage as frost. Costs 20 runic power in frost presence and 35 in unholy or blood presence.
    Howling blast: Blast the target for 300% weapon damage as frost, and all enemies in a 25yd cone behind the target for 50% of the damage done and infecting them with empowered frost fever. Usable only after being activated, maximum of 3 charges. Generates 20 runic power. (is now a melee range attack)
    Spear of Ice: Hurl a spear of ice at your target, impaling them and dealing 40% weapon damage as frost every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Costs 1 Death rune, 30 yd range.
    Frozen waste: Shatter the ground in a 10 yard area around you, purging it of all heat and deal 20% weapon damage as frost to all enemies within it every second for 10 seconds. Costs 1 death rune. 20sec cd.
    Pillar of frost: Remove rune cost.
    Empower rune weapon: Increase Crit, Mastery, and Haste by 20% for 20 seconds. 3 min cd.

    Thank you for your time in reading all this!

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    While the stats/values for some abilities are off and I think 1 or two of the abilities are daft/OP/meh (as is expected as everyone has different opinions), I really like the 4/5/6 tiers, but looking at tier 4 as a Blood dk ( I know they're meant to be for frost) I find that the Hungering Cold is the only useful tal on that tier for non-frost.

    Also Tier 2 just sounds badass and the rotation spells like Spear of Ice and Frozen Waste sound amazing, I'm a fan of the idea of Frost should be a slow "power of the mountains" class where abilities have a mod/high cooldown so approve of the 2H master race sounds awesome

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    removing dual wield is a huge no go for me. removing skills like army isin't my cup of tea either because it is a deathknight class first, and frost spec second. summoning a undead army just fits the class no matter the spec. heck even arthas does it and he can be sort of considered a frost dk

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    It looks a lot like you want what to me looks like a boring rotation. OblitOblitOblit-HBHB-FSFSFSFS. Easy to play I suppose.
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    This is basically what belongs in this thread so i'm closing this. Feel free to post this here!


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