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    I have been leveling my characters, and I don't mind waiting.
    I would love the new models right away so my characters don't like shit compared to the Pandaren, Goblin and Worgen, but still I am still waiting.
    For the Horde!

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    I hate it, but yeah, this game isn't really going to continue to supply any sort of content to keep you occupied. If you get bored it would be safer to just consider it dead and see if you get excited again when the expansion is about to come out. If not, you've saved yourself from going through this again later.

    Better to consider the last patch of an expansion the end of the game. If you beat it (to your satisfaction) then you've done all there is to do and have to wait for the sequel.
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    You're supposed to play hearthstone until D3 comes out. Then you're supposed to play D3 until Warlords comes out. Then when you're bored of warlords you can play Heroes of the storm until the hearthstone expansion. Then you'll be able to play the starcraft expansion when you're bored of that. Once you're bored of the starcraft expansion another diablo patch will come out. Once you're bored of that another WoW expansion will come out...............Repeat until you die.

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    You could play Hearthstone, D3: Reaper of Souls, read a book, see a movie, go to the gym, etc. I suspect, if necessary, they could release another world boss along the lines of Sha of Anger or Ordos that could keep the player base busy for a month or so.

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    Now you know how us PvPers feel. We usually get content once an expansion, and half the time it sucks. You PvEers have it good.

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    Use your initiative, don't wait for Blizzard to tell you what to do.

    There is more to life than WoW and gaming.

    I don't know, learn to knit? Write a book?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepfreeze View Post
    How about quitting and do something else in the mean time? When WoD comes it will feel even more fresh. At least I have.
    This or level alts, run old dungeons for Xmog stuff, etc. Pretty much what you've done for the last year. :P

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    Once I get my wolf and heirloom weapon from SoO I plan to stop playing wow till WoD comes out and go play ESO. (elder scrolls online)

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    If I grow bored of WoW, I might just finish The Witcher 2. That would actually be great.
    Bore me WoW, bore me!

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    Luckily there's plenty of stuff to do this expansion, for us achi hunters at least. Pokemon battles, Brawler's Guild, Proving Grounds, mounts, pets, etc. I just got back after taking a break in 5.2 and there's already quite a few new things to do. Plus catching up with old reputations and quests etc.

    Also, Hearthstone.

    RoS will sadly suck even more than D3V, please do yourselves a favor and don't get it.

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    I'm going to do a ton of achievements soon, when my exams are finished. Also I want to progress a little bit further in SoO. There surly is enough to do, but I wish to see WoD by June anyway

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    You can always go outside, ride your bike, hop in a pool or play with kittens so you get away and do productive work.
    And even though it's reached new heights, I rather like the restless nights. It makes me wonder, makes me think there's more to this, I'm on the brink. It's not the fear of what's beyond, it's just that I might not respond! I have an interest, almost craving, would I like to get to far in?!

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    I just recently resubbed and I'm leveling a Monk.

    And that's only my second class.

    Besides, there are other games coming. If you really care only about WoW and no other game maybe try a new class? A new spec?

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    Normally at the end of expansion I move to PVP. Just BG's not arena. Don't normally PVP but actually enjoy it (70% of the time) once I get into it. Also catch up on achievements and nasty things like archaeology whilst waiting fro BG to pop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    You can always go outside, ride your bike, hop in a pool or play with kittens so you get away and do productive work.
    If I were OP I'd join a guild and always raid and never ever leave my house again.

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    Personally I'm going to see how many bosses I can down on Heroic before April, then switching over to Elder Scrolls Online for a while.

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    I unsubbed just before new year, I plan to sub once again month or so before expansion comes to level couple of pets and alts, I don't have time atm for heroic raiding so there's no point for me to play now, and wow will be fresh to play as expansion hits.

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    I am 100% convinced that they are going to align the release of WoD with the financial quarters, and I do think 6.0 will hit 3-4 weeks before release so that is (imo) 4 months away.

    We are only 11/14 currently so finishing up SoO, then will be working towards everyone heirlooms for WoD.

    I am having quite a lot of fun with my Monk just now, I am working towards my cloak on my Warlock.

    Still to do last few ranks in Brawlers Guild.

    Still have endless proving grounds to do.

    I have hardly touched pet battles.

    I am trying to reach my gold goal for WoD.

    So I am actually having a lot of fun, I still log on and go ok... what shall I do next, unlike the end of Cata which was wrist slashingly boring (end of Cata has been the closest I have ever had to taking a break).

    If your NOT having fun, STOP PLAYING.

    They are getting out the content as fast as they can (they are not stupid) if it is not quick enough for you there are plenty of other good games out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragashii View Post
    If I were OP I'd join a guild and always raid and never ever leave my house again.

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    What's wrong? Blizzards definition of fun is not fun for you? Because, of course, Blizzard knows the definition of fun. They define it.

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