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    • Gemming: Smooth (+320 Crit) in yellow sockets, Potent (+80 Int, 160 Crit) in red sockets. Smooth in prismatic / non-matching sockets. Don't match spirit socket bonuses, don't match +60 int bonuses if they have a blue socket.
    • Glyphs: Penance and Holy Fire are pretty much the most useful on every fight. The 3rd is interchangeable between Weakened Soul, Inner Sanctum, Fade/Inner Fire (used this for H Thok progression), and Smite (because 10m dps matters)
    • From what it seems, the person played disc in T14/earlier. Divine Aegis was a big change to how Disc plays. She seems to be using a little bit too many Power Word: Shields, which is why her spirit is high. It's a mana intensive spell and the more you cast the worse on mana you feel. Lower the shields you cast and you can lower spirit with it. She should be keeping archangel on cooldown almost always.
    • Greater Heal < Flash Heal in terms of throughput. Just plain and simple, disc doesn't have haste and the long cast time does not make up the little extra healing that you could get from simply critting.
    • Heal and Renew aren't spells for disc. I don't have them on my bar, and the only time I ever did is when I did my proving grounds.
    • Thok specifically: Generally this is the "do I know my class?" fight, at least as a healer. Be sure to use Divine Star on CD. You can usually get away with casting PoH in between each screech until about 7-10 stacks, maybe more depending on haste and if you have AMs. Spirit shell before the first screech, but after getting archangel up. Be sure to use inner focus to avoid being kicked. After a certain amount of screeches (it was 8 when I was 10m) I switch to almost completely shield spamming. Roll shields on everyone, but divine star has top priority over every other global.

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    Yep, nailed it - she quit halfway through the first tier of MoP, so she missed majors changes. Thanks for the rundown!

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    she wants to regem for sure
    red - potent
    yellow - smooth
    blue - misty
    ignore socket bonus that are less than 10 int or are not int.

    change chest/leg ench to stats and int + crit and gloves to mastery.

    in reforging she should be reforging for 8-10k spirit max then into crit/mastery.

    she should aim mainly for crit gear where she can, failing that mastery.

    other than that she should be dps healing with AA and level 90 spell on CD and its gg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nascosto View Post
    Wow guys, this was awesome - I pointed her here, and saw a pretty massive boost in her healing after her tears dried up lol. We put our top druid healer to dps on a few fights and two healed with her and our under-geared shaman, and she spend a lot of time re-tweaking gear and spec. All in all we got numbers out of her much closer to what we'd expect from her gear level, and this post along made her a lot more competitive and I think a lot more confident in herself as well. No one likes coming back to something they used to be awesome at and sucking, so I know this has solved a lot of frustration. Here are Thursday's logs and armory if anyone feels like a round 2 to see if there's any things still sticking out.
    The key is definitely crit to get more Divine Aegis' up. I was struggling a great deal after also recently coming back to raiding, initially I put it down to gear but as my ilevel hit 540+ I was still only doing half the healing of the druids and shaman in the guild, so I started checking World of Logs and noticed that the really good disc healers were stacking the crap out of crit. I did the same going from 13% to 26% crit, and my healing went up I would say about 70-80%. I'm still behind those druids and shaman, but they're 15 ilevels ahead of me and the gap is much smaller now.

    Still gotta learn when is best to use CDs but I do far better now and I'm aiming for 35% crit or more as my baseline moving forward.
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