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    No slippery slope. Tall poppy syndrome.
    See: Zero-sum prestige

    Explaining Blizzard's point of view is not White Knighting or condoning Blizzard's point of view, which most MVP's are being accused of.
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    Take a moment to think of community managers and MVPs as exactly what they are, CMs and MVPs. Think about how controlled, leashed and guided Blizzard's community management and communication is. Think about all the things that Blizzard won't ever even be willing to discuss. Then lower your expectations and enjoy the game for what it is and can be.

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    Holinka was sooo rude on Twitter, no matter how many tears I wipe off, they just keep dropping out of my sad, swollen eyes, bo-hooo. And I'm pretty sure noone at Blizzard would change my diaper if I asked them. And they don't take my advice either and I'm only ever being slightly rude and juvenile. But I'm a loyal klustomer and others are angry too, I got proof. I've seen it on the forums I swear to God. So I think things have gotten to a point where that evil company will really have to start rethinking their obnoxiuos practices, or me and my friends just might start dripping snot in another company's forum!

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    Well said OP. I wholeheartedly agree.

    EU does seem to get ignored alot. But hey, EU are the 2nd class filthy peasants. Well, as an EU customer - this is how I feel.
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    I'm not a particular fan of most MVPs but this is silly. They aren't given a script, they're given green text because Blizz has found them to be positive contributors (by their own definitions) to the community.

    That's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    be positive contributors
    Or more accurately, rarely disagreeing with what blizzard does and says. But yes, they are generally very helpful towards new players on the forums etc.

    I know that they're highly monitored and on a very tight leash. There's even been community managers fired over being too vocal about things they disagree with if I'm not mistaken.

    To JimmyHellfire, you really are deluded. Yes, Holinka was rude. It's not that, that bothers me, I couldn't give a care in the world for if anyone is rude to me and even less if they're rude to someone else, but it's the principle. Imagine if some other major figure of a multi-national firm were to state that they don't care about their customers wants, needs or opinions. Why does Blizzard somehow feel they're above it? Why are they a law unto their own? Is there not a certain etiquette one most follow when dealing with their customers? Obviously not in blizzards case. Even alot of the GMs that you speak to when you have an issue seem very short tempered and just want you out of their hair.

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    People care what MVP's have to say?? LOL.

    I find it funny that people complain about Blizzards attitude or about the cash shop and yet they continue to a) continue to pay a sub and play a game they continually complain about or b) they no longer play a game but for some reason continue to post about the game.

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    First time i see MVP bashing blizzard that hard.

    Eww not good at all

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