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    LFM 4 DPS and 1 Tank for a wrath twink guild!

    Hey everyone! I'm in need of a few final members for a 15m wrath raiding guild.

    For anyone interested go ahead and add me in game at
    The server is Uldum-PvE Horde

    This is going to be a purist guild so we'll only be using Wrath gems, enchants, and gear.
    BoA's are allowed for leveling but MUST be replaced before raiding.
    No Goblins, Pandas, or Monks will be allowed.
    Some specs may not be allowed due to them being too op at this moment in time (will be discussed)
    If you wish to PvP that's on you, you can use whatever gear, chants, and gems you'd like just make sure you don't mix your PvE stuff up with your PvP.
    If you choose to level a profession be sure to cap it off at a normal Wrath level. (because of buffs)
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    You are aware that lvl 80 scaling is broken beyond belief, at base stats, right?

    I've watched an 80 mage in ICC gear do 100k dps, because of that insane scaling.

    "Some specs not allowed" breaks the entire thing.

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    Wrong forum I'm afraid; Also EU or US?

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    Oh sorry. >.< US

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    Please use our Guild Recruitment forums.

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