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    [Mage] All Specs - Save Alter Time!

    Greetings Mage Community

    This is a controversial post, right off the bat. It's in response to the recent movement to address button bloat. There is a great chance that no matter what I type here, some people will see the author, me, and discount it immediately or simply skim through it. Because of this, I've decided to put a little bit more effort into how I present this information.

    I'm going to take a more visual approach and hope that this helps. I encourage people to read Lissanna (the Druid MVP, who really is the de facto Mage MVP as well for some reason). I would like to direct people to her mostly excellent blog here.

    However, there is a very worrisome attack on Alter Time here:
    Alter time is actually an ability I could live without ever using as a DPS increasing talent. While it was originally designed to add some fun utility, due to this spell’s interaction with buffs that increase our damage, this is used only as a DPS increase in raiding situations (with a huge drawback of randomly placing you in fire puddles of death).
    So this is my take on it:

    so hopefully I can help suggest...

    What I want from you:
    If you agree with the points of this petition, please reply to this post with your toon's name (devs might want to check that you actually -have- a mage) and something along the lines of "Signed, or agree" - you do not need to elaborate on anything else, just sign.

    If you disagree: I am not trying to marginalize you - I am trying to present a fair and deserved opposing opinion to the recent uprising towards the developers to remove a great ability. Simply do not sign if you do not agree, I ask nothing more. Feel free to discuss more information in the 6.0 discussion thread.

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    As a warning to all, please keep this thread civil.

    And if you do not agree, then just do not sign it. For the actual discussion, I would rather have people go to the 6.0 information thread.

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    6seconds of all procs and cooldowns, you out of your mind xD?...but yea, fix the damn thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ptolemay View Post
    6seconds of all procs and cooldowns, you out of your mind xD?...but yea, fix the damn thing
    That's pretty much exactly what it does now if used correctly.
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    Zigen - Barthilas signing up. Don't want to see the spell removed, at all. I'd rather see a rework than a complete removal.

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    Too much colours and font sizes. Wanted to read it, brain said: no stop it.

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    Cool idea but It isn't a great spell in game play terms. There are a number of spells that need axing and a few which could be brought back like Blast wave!

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    Pahonix - Proudmoore-US. I agree AT has its problems, but the concept of the spell is great and the problems just need to be fixed. Please don't remove it.

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    Signed - Deratronach - EU - Dun Morogh

    A rework would be nice, but I'd prefer it removed than not being reworked..... The times it works correct and your trikets procc it is ok to use.... but it will mess with you with different encounter debuffs.... I really really hate this situations!

    e.g. you cannot take 2 Rifts on Sha HC, as the debuff is not removed by AT...
    On Immerseus HC AT will under certain circumstances not reset the stacks of the dmg debuff which will kill you, but it will copletely remove the debuff if you haven't hade it when casting AT...
    Also AT once f**** me up on Malkorok.... (ah this also happend once in Immerseus with the void zone) - AT stored the cast speed remove aura of the add.... and the aura wouln't get removed until I iceblocked.....

    AT just got too many bugs and causes more frustration than I can bare... so: good rework and get rid of bugs... or completely remove... but a good rework would be nice

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    Signed - Deatêater - Undead Mage - US Kil'Jaeden

    I'm okay with exactly how the spell works now EXCEPT, moving you back to the location you were at when you first casted it. If it stopped doing that, we could move out of stuff even if AT was used. Problem solved.

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    Signed - Poukinours - Al'Akir - EU

    At least fix the goddamn Bloodlust interaction.

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    Eevee - Kazzak

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    /signed [Dragonhand - Bleeding Hollow]

    I would like to suggest, removing buffs and debuffs from Alter Time, so it only snapshots location, health, and mana. This way it becomes just another survival/utility tool.

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    Signed. Putridity - Windrunner (US)

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    I'll agree with this. Malon - Wildhammer EU.

    The way I see it, the one thing that needs to be changed with the spell is the Hero/TW/BL interaction. If it removes the buff, fine - that's just how the spell works. But at least make the debuff follow the same rule and be removed as well.

    I think I've only ever died/endangered the raid from AT relocating me into poop once; it's not massively difficult to work around, imo. A single tick of most stuff won't kill you, even in heroics. I do quite like the idea of a very short damage reduction or immunity when it activates, though.
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    Israfael @ Mazrigos

    AT is fine, we dont need yet another surivival CD at the expense of complexity and variability in the gameplay.. If you AT, you have to plan ahead, our gameplay is already too maintenance'y and uptime'my.

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    I honestly hate this spell, it's incredibly frustrating to play around it. If it was going to stay I'd want it to save location, health and mana only. Hoooowever, I'd rather scrap the entire current concept and do something cool with it that still fits the name. If it could activate an effect similar to that of activating the Xuen statue on the Twin Consorts encounter I think that would be ridiculously awesome.

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    I will agree. Alter Time is a flawed idea but a good one, one that deserves to be fixed rather than tossed on the scrap heap.

    Save Alter Time!

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    AT isn't my favorite spell on the Mage class. It's a bit meh on the opener if things don't plan out well. Or if your doing a pug Flex and someone decides to pop it moments after you started your AT. I've lost out on Heroism or AT due to guildies using Heroism earlier than usual.
    Also being teleported back into a Nazgrim's heroic leap to die at the hands of alter time.

    Garrosh Mind control phase you can't use it remotely close to that part, since if you alter time, get mind controlled and returned to your location you can't be broken free.

    I'd rather see a reworked version of the spell, I'm not all sadden if it gets removed. As the times it goes bad, it messes things up, and it's the only spell in my book that has a chance to go back.

    Not interested in using another glyph to fix this issue, if it's going to be a major glyph. No room for it.

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    Losing Alter Time would be a massive hit to mage uniqueness. Agreed with it not being axed. Frostedmages - Zul'Jin (US)

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