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    I suggest making it roll back ALL buffs and debuffs - or none at all.
    I suggest a minor glyph that removes the location memory.

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    I couldn't agree more with what you said in that petition. I can't tell you how many times someone pops lust while I'm in alter time, most frustrating thing ever.

    Intrepid - Area 52

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    I find it funny how if someone says they die using alter time or cause a wipe (unsure on the wipe, unless your meeting enrage timers and one person dead is a wipe), and the only response is "learn to use Alter Time" , "use a /cancel aura marco."

    I'll use me own example on Nazgrim and his heroic leap. I've set up my spell procs and as many trinket procs I could, use alter time ran to the adds to help clear em. Nazgrim has heroic leaped, left a trail on the floor which is about to explode. My alter time resets throws me into the trail and bam I'm dead.

    Alter time does need fixing for a few reasons, it can have negative effects, as well as positive effects. But with certain timing, it is more like the Engineering of class spells. It has it's moments when it fails.

    As people stated, it needs to either let Bloodlust/Heroism pass through the buff (major raid cooldowns should pass through), or it should remove any debuffs you gain during the 6 second window. So you can re-cast Heroism right after.

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    Keep Alter Time. I agree with the "decoupling" idea, although I wouldn't make any other changes. If it didn't interact with buffs and debuffs, you could still cast Time Warp during Alter Time without losing it entirely, and Mages wouldn't have to use it for a DPS cooldown, and could instead use it for defense/utility. Once Alter Time is no longer a DPS cooldown, the issue of people using AT and dying/wiping the raid is entirely on them; there's no pressure to use it unless you deem it useful to your survival. It goes without saying that if you die while using it for your survival, you did it wrong...

    ...But yes. No interactions with buffs/debuffs. No need for a CD reduction. No need for a glyph. Save Alter Time!

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    Winterstorm and Wynterstorm of Caelestrasz (US) Fix it!

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    Rhaegas of US - Aggramar - Agreed.

    I like Alter Time, it is a cool spell. If it doesn't help our DPS then I don't want it, and these proposed changes promote DPS skill capping, which is always healthy for a class, on top of fixing its clunkiness.

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    What is up with everyone wanting mages to turn into some kind of useless time lords or whatever?
    Even Blizzard has started calling all our tier sets Chronomancer, Time-Lord and such. I want to be a mage, not some sort of useless time twister.
    Also Alter Time is just a cooldown used to get a big combustion, it's as much fun as every other cooldown except a lot more random -.-

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    Personally I love the idea of mages being the class that are Masters of Manipulation of Time.

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    replying just to say that all mvps are retarded, that is all

    Infracted. - Shang
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    Myxel signing in. #FixAlterTime2014 new Twitter trend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narsha View Post
    Personally I love the idea of mages being the class that are Masters of Manipulation of Time.
    Which is why it needs to be fixed

    Signed, Zoomgdk @ Darksorrow-EU(yes, a dk signing a mage change, even other classes think it needs to be fixed)
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    The only issue i see with AT (and that could cause the raid to wipe) is its relocation thing, which could put you somewhere you don't want to be or outside somewhere you were moving.

    The thing is :
    - When progressing in a fight, you have quickly an idea of when you have 6 sec in it where yu won't need to move
    - Even if something unexpected happens and you need to move, just insta click on the AT button. You'll lose a bit of its power, but it won't wipe you're raid.

    i'm not even sure it needs to be fixed, but a glyph to remove this annoying effect (like either alter time is ended the second you move, or it does not relocate you upon end) would be far enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoomgpally View Post
    Which is why it needs to be fixed
    I agree! Give us something else for deeps and make Alter Time into an exciting time-magic ability.

    Edit: Mostly agree with CaML, Alter Time has caused me some problems through thousands of pulls, but I have trouble remembering an instance where it couldn`t have been prevented if I played a little better.

    That being said it rarely give me problems and I use it on cooldown so many times, and I do not look at myself as an especially skilled
    mage. But by not making it default to use as a dps increase will fix much of the trouble so we instead can focus on using it as utility.

    Personally I like it as it is, high risk reward etc. but all for changing it to something less risky just cause it's a bit boring to use such a cool spell "just" as a dps increase.


    Fouton posted this on icy-veins forums, deserves a requote:
    I never have pushed this button on my mage due to the horror stories that accompany the spell. For each second my finger rests over the key bound to Alter Time, I hear the whispers of an old god trying to convince me that it will be a good idea. The whispers turn to a cackling insanity before I quickly remove my finger from the key. I live for another day.
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    One of the few spells that requires considerable thought when and how to use it. If you fail to use it correctly you can lose damage, kill yourself or even the entire raid. I consider that engaging and fun gameplay.

    A glyph to prevent the teleportation effect could solve a lot of failed uses without becomming overpowered in PvE or PvP.

    Obviously I'd love this spell to survive.

    /Signed Cryogenic – Silvermoon EU

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    we have very little dps cd's as it is, I don't want the interesting one to go now. If they can create glyphs for other classes abilities so they don't screw you over I don't see why they cant do the same for mages.

    Signed, Sheepoh-Silvermoon (eu)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kosic View Post
    I'll use me own example on Nazgrim and his heroic leap. I've set up my spell procs and as many trinket procs I could, use alter time ran to the adds to help clear em. Nazgrim has heroic leaped, left a trail on the floor which is about to explode. My alter time resets throws me into the trail and bam I'm dead.
    Ah, /wags fingers, but that's your fault and you're bad and need to learn how to play /wags fingers more. It's your responsibility to make sure that among every other debuff/buff/snapshot/positioning/timing thing you need, that the cooling off timer will not overlap a Nazgrim ability (which could be shockwave, which could be where your AT was) is more than 6 seconds OR that rage is higher than 50.

    Because after all, all this ability does is tell the good from the bad, and clearly your absolute inability to manage the cooling off timer (so simple) among the debuff timing, 6 second window for buff timing, bloodlust management, other positional management, making sure bonecracker isn't up, and making sure you really have the best DPS window, all within the generous ~2 seconds of your procs aligning, just means you are bad.


    Seriously, Blizzard had a word for this (which in their other words, got misused). The word defined "very counter-intuitive and difficult to use correctly." That words is: Clunky.

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    I don't get Alter Time. Scrap it or fix it, I don't mind which.

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    This again. I dare remind you that Blizzard doesn't listen to petitions whats-o-ever. If they feel like AT has to be changed they will do so of their own accord.

    Plus they already said AT is on the list for a rework in WoD, possibly turning it into a survival CD only, however there won't be any drastic changes like that until then since it's already the next thing they are working on. Wouldn't you want to wait and see how this turns out first?
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    The fact that the timewarp debuff still is applied if some pop it during ur at is just rediculus and proves to me that none of the devs play mage on any serious level.
    The glyph to remove the position component of the spell whould be greatly appretiated.

    signed Aphrel, Ravencrest-EU

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    Signed, Lilj - Sylvanas EU
    Just let bloodlust trough, its a bit unfair for our cd to get ''ruined'' by someone else in the raid.
    If you don't know how to use it just don't use it.

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