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    Raiding, profession choice and solo advice?

    I currently have a

    Blood Dk - lvl 80 that is a JC/enchanter (shuffle)

    BrM Monk - lvl 90 Blacksmith and empty

    Feral Druid - lvl 88 empty professions ( thinking as my miner/herb)

    I am also leveling a hunter Low level no professions.

    How should I place my professions. Thinking monk will be my main. I was thinking of doing alchemist on monk

    But then I was thinking hunter as scribe/alchem

    And maybe level a rogue for skinning/LW

    Then I am left with tailor? Is a monk tailor any good? I know the enchant is bluh
    Or engineer?


    All professions

    Main soloing old content and raiding ( DE for profit)

    Easy ore shuffle

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    Help please

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    Help please

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    Anyone know

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    with all due respect, just pick some professions and level them. and play what you think is fun. blacksmithing is pretty safe that it's good for just about any spec.
    idk if you're even asking this but for raiding there can be some professions that are better than others but it kind've depends on what class/spec you are, and since you didn't pick 1 yet, it's pretty hard for anyone to give you advice.

    Once you find something you like, go research the crap out of it


    There's a gazillion more.

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    Engineering is definitely something you want if you can get it. The boosts coupled with on use gloves are great, plus you get a glider :P

    Another profession is more dependent on what you are playing. Like the poster above me said, Blacksmithing is always good, but some classes can benefit well from Lifeblood herbalist or the passive from Skinning while other classes don't need that stuff. Crafting your own gear is also hugely helpful, I know that for cloth wearers you cant go wrong with Tailoring because of the embroidery.

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    We can't choose your professions or class for you and for that reason these threads aren't allowed here. It's too subjective, and, in the end, your decision to make no matter what we might say.

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