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    DK > Mage

    And that's all.

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    Death knight and warlock are equally my mains, depending on if I feel like being a caster or melee. The only other I put much time into is rogue.

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    Priest = DK > hunter > monk > warlock. The rest are pretty much in random order.

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    Prot Pally > Prot Warrior > BM Monk > Blood DK > Guardian Druid > Hunter > Melee DPS (all) > Priest/Warlock > Ranged DPS (all) > healer

    I have at least 1 of each class at 90 I actively play and don't really keep a single main.

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    Warrior > Shaman > Hunter > Warrior > DK > Mage > Rogue > Paladin
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    mage as always.

    for twinks i'm completely unsure this addon. normally it was a destruction wl since bc but after the overhaul it doesn't feel that good anymore (i miss the conflag ...).

    so my "main twink" i probably ww monk. but i will have every class on 90 with the 90 lvl boost (druid is the only one under lvl 86) so it is irrelevant to chose.

    it has its benefits being an altoholic.

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    Druid > others...

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    My Monk is my main, followed by my Shaman, the rest are more of a flavor of the moment
    Druidic Spirit Shaman

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    Warrior tank for life. Nothing beats the sound of shield hitting face.


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    Always been a mage. Only have to place one role; no need for 30 gear sets.

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    Was a Mage, now a Warlock. Guess why? (cough *level 90 talents* cough)

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    Monk, and it'll be my main till the end of WoW, no way in hell I'm rerolling again, took too long to roll to a Monk from my Shaman due to achievement progress and them damn reps!
    “In truth it was I who was betrayed. Still I am hunted. Still I am hated”
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    Hunter > Resto Shaman/Def Warrior

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    Main's a Shaman, always have been...

    Shaman >>>>> Monk > Warlock = Rogue = Priest > Paladin

    Leveling a Druid atm, and planning to boost a Mage to 90 before WoD.

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    Shadow Priest >>>>> Rogue > Protection Paladin = Resto Druid > my other 6 lvl 90's > Monk
    Dreanor EU Horde

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    Main'd a shaman since BC, but in the beginning of MoP I main'd my Arms Warrior, now I main a WW monk.. All in all I have, at level 90: An arms warr, Ret pally, Enhance shammy, and a WW monk....

    Contemplating hard on what my WoD main will be... Love my monk, sick of my shaman (never thought I'd say that).

    The last time I switched mains was just after BC came out, I got my hunter to 70 even though I despised him beyond belief, then rolled and raided on my shaman... Raided on my pally, DK, shaman and warrior in wrath, but dropped the DK after they ruined blood and made it the tank spec, so he's just chilling there in ulduar gear at level 80 still..

    Had a warrior, shaman, priest, and paladin in Cata, then quit for a year. Came back at the end-end of cata (like... the last week, I don't even know what any cata raids look like).

    So of all the classes I have, my current favorite is my WW monk, then my warrior..... Though, I'll have to see what the WoD tier gear looks like for paladins first before I choose my next main. If it's anything like t5-6, or 16 then I'll be rolling my paladin, if not, my monk...

    Cool side story: Me and my brother both rolled human warriors back in vanilla as our mains. Why? Because we got so confused when we started choosing different races and classes that we just ended up going back to human warrior (the default back then). Also, biggest snorefest? Vanilla paladin.. good lord, auto attack > seal > judge > more auto attacks

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    Monk. I just adore unarmed combat. In so many ways it's a more primal and more disciplined fighting option that makes using large weapons and heavy armor look like the path of cowards and children.
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
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    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    Don't know, but for me, people who switch their mains several times show some kind of inconstancy...which isn't necessarily a good trait in my opinion.
    Sure, to each his own...but still. Inconstancy in general bothers me. However, that's a personal thing of course - just came to mind. :P

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    Holy Paladin>Resto Shaman>Fury Warrior>Shadow Priest

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    Paladin > Warrior > DK > Warlock > Mage > Rogue > Monk

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