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    Warlock > Deathknight > Druid/Paladin > the rest.

    I remember daydreaming about my future undead warlock from reading the website descriptions before WoW ever came out...I knew warlock would always be my main, although I did have to go Blood Elf, eventually after they were introduced.

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    Balance Druid > Arcane Mage > Shadow Priest > Prot Pally

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    its always be a tank, but changed mains in every expansion lol

    BC = warrior
    WotLK = DK first, then a Pally
    Cata = started with a Druid, then changed to Warrior again before the launch of FL
    MoP = monk
    WoD = will be my warrior

    well, I'm a warrior fanboy

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    Apart from several breaks from the game, hunter was the only class I could play as my main since 2005.

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    BrM monk. Main alt is Prot pala.

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    Mists = Shaman and a dash of Priest and Mage. But over all the time on wow:

    Classic: Hunter, then Priest, then Mage and Shaman
    BC: Mage, Hunter then Priest, lil on Shaman
    Wrath: All over the place xD Paladin for a bit, Mage aswell in there, Priest not so much. Shaman more. Hunter for a few days lol.
    Cata: Shaman and Mage. Mostly Shaman tho

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    TBC - Warlock > Shaman
    Wrath - Deathknight > Shaman
    Cata - Shaman > Hunter
    Mists - Monk > Shaman

    I pretty much play shaman more then most, but each expansion I end up focusing on one class as a main in balance with my shaman, just gives some variety.


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    Rogue, forever and ever. Even if I have to play other class or I get bored with it, my main class will always be Rogue.

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    My main is a hunter right now, has been since vanilla > Shaman > paladin

    I have at least one of each other class none lower than level 66 but I only play the hunter shaman pally these days, though I've been thinking of picking the lock and rogue back up.

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    PvE Fury Warrior. I occasionally bounce to Arms. Aside from the occasional "lol time to drink some rum and fuck around!" nights, I almost never go prot.

    The only "serious" alts I've had are my Warlock and Paladin. I prefer Affliction, and sometimes Demo, on the lock. I exclusively play holy on the paladin and can't recall ever having played the other specs. The rest of my alts are abandoned sub-85s.

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    hunter since bc. in cata picked up feral
    Chaos! Madness! Like a hug for your brain!¯\(°_o)/¯
    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
    14/14h and finally done

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    Started out as a rogue in Vanilla; got to Level 5, switched to a warrior and never looked back.

    Arms and Prot are my two favorite specs. There's few better feelings than charging in like a damn boss, hearing the triumphant whisking sound that accompanies the move, and then wreaking havoc with a two-handed Mortal Strike or a Shield Slam.

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    2004 Rogue reporting in!

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    Always has been and always will be Mage. Made the character since she could "cast fireballs".

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    Paladin is my main now. It's like a Warrior, but better!

    Warrior main (primarily tank) in Vanilla though BC and WotLK, though it took me three tries in the first few months WoW was out to get it "right." Started Orc on PvP server, nope. Then went Night Elf on PvE, nope. Finally Undead on PvE- yes!

    Also have a Shaman and DK, Shaman got a lot of use in the end of WotLK and early Cata, early MoP. DK got a lot of use in late Cata.

    Going to be boosting my 60 Lock to 90, but we'll see how much I play her.

    I think the Warrior is WoW is far too barbarian/brawler/berserker and not enough Knight/Solider. Hence my love for Paladin, Prot/Ret just feel so much better IMO. Also why I'm so looking forward to Crusader in D3-RoS and didn't identify with the Barbarian much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    Waerrior is most borig class to level btw
    Priest is worse. Also BM Hunter, Retri Paladin are worse to level.

    I do not have a main at the moment. I am trying to figure out what I want to play in WoD.

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    Warlock since vanilla. The only other classes I've been bothered to mess around with in any "meaningful" way in MoP have been my spriest and my DK.

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    My huntard>DK>Drood>Lock>Pally. I LOVE my hunter and I am finding the Lock to be really fun to play. The most challenging for me is the Druid, but I love it when I feel I have played her well in a raid or dungeon.

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    Death Knight since Wrath.

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    Vanilla - priest
    BC - split between hunter and priest
    WotLK - DK
    Cata - DK
    MoP - Monk then moved warlock

    Course I'm sure my guildmates wonder what the hell is up with me since I've got 8 90's, a level 76 and a 51 outside of my level 1 bank toon.

    ** WoW (Aggramar) **
    Drphilidan (Vengeance Demon Hunter) / Talayleana (Guardian Druid)

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