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    Server maintenance?

    I assume that's what's happening right now? There's no message on the logic server like there usually is and every time I try to log on I get the 'log in server is currently busy' message. I thought it'd be back up by 2 Eastern but it isn't yet.
    Actually there is a message, I hadn't restarted my WoW since they put it up.
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    Yeah, I've been getting the same message too. There's a message on the battle.net launcher that says:

    "We are aware of an issue that is affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. We are currently investigating the cause and will provide updates as they are available"

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    Blizz just tweeted out not too long ago that they're continuing to work on the connection issues so maintenance is still underway it appears.

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    Bummer, just got home fro work, was looking forward to a couple hours chillin' before bed
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    It's been going on for like 5 hrs since rolling restarts happened. Still not able to log in myself, though I was on for a few hours before restart.

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    Still can't log on. Seems like they've had a lot of server problems lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    Still can't log on. Seems like they've had a lot of server problems lately.
    yeah, last 3 weeks, we had server problems. last one was this friday.

    maybe it's time for a server hardware upgrade ?

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