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    Well, this item just dropped recently for me, but it took awhile!

    I was trying to get the leather head from Illidan in Black Temple on my monk, killed him over 20 times in a row before it finally dropped, even got one Warglaive in the process. Now I just need the Off-hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazgrel View Post
    Dark shaman set. I'm not the only one, either; see the thread in the shaman forum. :P

    On one hand, at least it's on current content. That said, that means I can't roflpwn solo it in ~5 mins or less like a lot of the older content.
    At the end of my tether with this damn mog set.... normal and flex every week.. and nothing

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    Belt from supremus for my T6 Skyshatter look on my shaman. It's admittedly only been 3 months, but it is really tiresome to go in there, kill 2 bosses and get nothing for another week. Also, BWL 2h weapons for my dk. No axes, no Ashkandi. Naxx has also been stiffing me. No Demise and haven't gotten a chance to even try for Armeggedon yet.

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    3 staffs, 2 blue ones(Sunwell plateau and The Eye), and the one from Maghtheridons's Lair

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    Since 2008 (I believe) when Karazhan was released I have been farming the Sunfury Bow off Melchazaar.
    Back then for stats, currently for transmog. And. it. still. has. not. dropped. lol

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    Started farming do-tharak 3weeks ago in lfr coining every boss. It actually dropped today after about 50loot attempts. I wish blizzard matches item looks more consistently between difficulties tho.

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