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    Quote Originally Posted by wolphe View Post
    Honestly, in my opinion, what makes the community so "toxic" as you so elegently said.
    Is that you no longer need to have "friends" in WoW anymore.
    You can do anything you want, even raiding without getting to know the people you play with, or connecting with anyone.
    Before, people actually had to act like civiliazed people in order to create connections, friendships and relations, in order to get into groups and guilds etc.
    Now, you can do everything while still beeing a "random person" wich opens up the possibility of people beeing arses simply because they don't have to follow normal social "standards" since they are anonymous persons behind a keyboard.

    When people have to create connections and relations, they also behave better, after all, who wants a douche in their guild/friend list?
    Take away the need to "bond" with other people, and you are left with douche bags only thinging about them selfs.
    You didn't need to have friends back then either. At no point in WoW did you need to have friends to accomplish any particular task. The closest it came, was raiding in Vanilla. Past that... you didn't need it. I will give you that acting in a civilized manner (while grouped) was a good idea until Wrath (due to no LFD) but it wasn't really a necessity either. I am living proof that you didn't need these things. I didn't really get to know anyone on my server until I made my own guild in late Wrath. In Vanilla and BC, well, I never took the time to get to know the people who I ran dungeons with... even if we were chaining them together. The raid guilds I was in once BC launched were really there to just raid. We were civil, but we didn't do much other than raiding though I guess we had to be friendly to do that.

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    thing is that you cant help but lose faith in mankind over this stupid people. I am fortunate enough to completely avoid random raids and as a raid lead I can sort out..and if I still feel sad about reading /2 or /1 during raids, I remind myself of how the dota2 community was and how it made me quit the game.
    Problem is that there are more idiots who laugh about this "anal [insert spellname]" crap or react to some jackass who delights in making a jerk of himself for "the fame" than people who just get that those attention kids have to be ignored to stop it. And tbh, I think the community is only "toxic" when you let it get to you. I just dont interact with anyone being childish or stupid and ignore/kick them without explanation.
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    Accountability was the reason the community was so much better. Things really started to take a turn for the worse when they introduced LFD because chances we're that you'd never meet those players again and everything was possible not to mention the chances of meeting assholes increased as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    This is a post about my opinion, and it doesn't mean it's the truth. it is, however, my truth. reflect about it and try to find your truth as well

    IMHO, the reason why WoW's community is so toxic is that we have so many rifts dividing us into so many rival factions, that hatred just runs rampant.

    Alliance VS Horde
    Casual VS Hardcore
    PvE VS PvP
    Likes Pandaren VS Hate Pandaren
    Tanks VS Healers VS DPS
    DPS VS DPS (on who does more dps)

    et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. These are just the ones I could remember now from the top of my head.


    Until the day we stop looking at what's different among ourselves and start looking for what we have in common, we will always be plagued by a toxic community.
    Literally none of this addresses why WoW is so toxic.

    WoW is toxic, because accountability has been taken away.

    The game use to require objectives to be met (gating) and it did not allow players to move servers. If you wanted to change servers, you had to level a whole new character. There was no such thing as anonymity if you wanted to be a part of the competing (raider) culture, and you had to build a reputation among your peers. If you decided to ninja loot from a raid, or bad talk a group of players, guilds were able to research you and would deny a player in favor of the opinion of the other reigning guilds.

    Now you can just pick up and move as soon as you destroy your name, or perform a name or faction change.

    As long as those features exist in an MMO, there will always be a toxic nature to the game, or any other game as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post
    lately I've seen serverism. ner'zul and frostmane ( the server I'm on) were merged and all i see on trade is back and forth about how shitty one server or the other is. /done with this community

    on top of that it's the anonymity that comes with online anything. as per that penny arcade comic.
    Yeah, the server vs server stuff is annoying. I happily played on a dead server and then got connected to 3 more realms. The first one I got connected to was a higher populated server, and they are the most annoying and rude, but I've met some cool people too. Then two more dead servers and the same thing is being said towards them, but at the same time the other two dead servers are rude to each other's server and mine.

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    People are making this too complicated. Toxicity comes from lack of accountability and consequences. Blizzards newest methods of presenting content (LFR and Flex) can be done with people you've never met and will likely never see again, so there are zero lasting consequences to be a total shithead.

    There used to be no alternative (if you wanted to raid) to keeping your reputation clean on your home realm (aside from server changing or something similar). If you were a shithead often enough word got around and you stopped being able to get into raids or guilds or PUGs. That is still the case for Regular and Heroic raiding on most realms.

    But now you don't have to be a regular or heroic raider to see the current content, and so you don't have to get in a raid and stay there to progress through the current tier. LFR (and to a much lesser extent Flex) lets these people be complete shitheads with no long-standing consequences.

    Personally, I think LFR has served its purpose and needs to be vastly overhauled or removed entirely. We have flex now; cross-realm current content that allows anyone to see the content if they want to, including those who can't commit to a traditional organized raid.

    Killing the end boss should require some effort and some skill. LFR not only requires neither, but does not even incentivize them. What do you get for being a great tank in an LFR? Occasionally the same you get for being a terrible tank, endless amounts of shit. Hell, with the addition of Determination you are rewarded for wiping! The worse the group is, the easier it becomes, and this is necessary in LFR otherwise the groups tend to dissolve.

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    Not all mmo's are toxic.

    I recently went back to guild wars 2. The community is the complete opposite of wow. You never see hateful mean behavior EVER!!!!!!. Nobody griefing. Everyone helps each other out it's amazing. If being anonymous automatically creates assholes then guild wars 2 would have the same toxic players but they don't. Same with ffxiv. Play ether and try to still say the game does not determine how players act. And don't try to say it's because both games are dead because they hold 2 million players each(population numbers are available for both games in their earnings report that's openly available for both games) Just like the OP said there's too much separation of players in wow that's not there in every mmo just wow and legue. But it's not this bad in all online games. Blizz has to try a little to get the community on track because during vanilla,bc and most of wrath things were never this bad.

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    Look, it's the same with the WoW community as with toxic frogs. As long as you don't lick them, you're safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deruyter View Post
    Look, it's the same with the WoW community as with toxic frogs. As long as you don't lick them, you're safe.
    Shit, I had that as a macro as well. I've been doing it wrong.
    Deathknight's do it using disease, blood and the power of the unholy. Warlocks do it with dark demons by their side. Mages do it with summoned arcane powers. Druids do it using the forces of nature. Rogues do it through stealth, poison's, shadows and....from behind. Paladins do it by calling to the light for aid. Shamans do it with the help of the elements. Priests do it through the holy light.
    But warriors....
    Warriors just fucking do it.

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    This is a very old thread. I'm going to close this.

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