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    The last three clears of SoO Wing #1 and Wing #2, Flexible, have taken me less than 45 minutes using oQueue.

    The last fifteen clears of SoO Wing #1 and Wing #2, LFR, have taken me more than 45 minutes.

    It's roughly the same for all of my guildies and all the folks on my RealID who participate in end-game PvE.

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    For me queuing solo DPS, the wait time seems to almost be random. I've had queue times over an hour and I've had them in 20 mins or so. It does seem like the best groups are always on Tuesdays or close to that day. If you do LFR on the weekends, plan on being there longer with more wipes. This is just my experience, not saying its the norm. As for groups falling apart.....I've seen lots of people leave groups but that was due to waiting on a tank and or healer. I've never had a group to not finish, because I'm in it for the long haul if I que. You certainly may finish with lots of new members in the group as ppl get what they need and leave. I don't need anything in LFR and as crazy as it sounds, I do it for fun. Of course, I'm a patient man.

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    Hello all,

    Thinking about resubbing... two questions for the LFR'ing community;

    1) How fast are typical LFR runs these days? (including waiting on tanks/healers)
    2) How frequently do you run into failraids that fall apart for one reason or another?

    I un-subbed about a month after SoO. Queue times were pretty awful, groups were toxic (constant problem, I know), and disbanded raids were frequent. Just wondering how it is now that people are geared up, acclimated to the raids, etc.

    Thanks for the input!


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    I'm not opposed to using OQueue or Openraid for Flex or Normal if that's still the better way to go.
    PLAY EARLY IN THE WEEK. Cannot stress this enough.

    If you really want to avoid LFR drama, join a guild or find a Flex pug.
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