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    "Doesn't believe in shamans"? All our specs rank among the best in their respective roles, is your 2nd RL a bit simple?

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    It's a little more toward : the stupidity of the guy is over 9000. Yep.

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    A few static things you can do to increase your performance (believe me every little bit helps)

    • Drop Mining for a second crafting profession
      i'd suggest Blacksmithing, this will enable you to socket your bracers and gloves and easily hit your exp/hit soft cap
    • Enchant you gear
      synchronize the Engineer only special glove enchant with your other CDs via "/use 10" macro
      put Dancing Steel on your offhand
    • Trim your exp to soft cap, you're currently half a % point over on exp
    • Work on your legendary quest line
      the meta gem and cloak are a ~15 - 20% damage increase based on the encounter

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    Instead of creating a new thread, I will just steal this one.

    I feel like my damage is lower than it should be but I really can't see what I'm doing wrong. Do you guys mind digging through logs and giving me some pointers what could be improved?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you're having trouble add me, Deanscream#1840 i'll sit down and walk you through full spectrum

    and if you're just looking for simple answers, use primal elementals and elemental mastery. makes sure you use them in line with trinket and weapon procs. also AoC and ED are BiS trinkets for us atm. cannot stress enough getting your AoC though. with my wf regular one its almost a full minute and a half off of fire elemental, and primal fire elemental is my top damage on most fights.

    theres my armory if you wanna check me out.

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