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    Hell yeah, lol. The game's about competition in more ways than one. I would kill for any of the oldschool vanilla mounts you had before they introduced the versions with armor. The ones you get the feat of strength "old school ride" for. Or something like this Only one that exists.

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    I value my mounts based on the memories I have attached to them. I use a random mount add-on so that I can cycle through my collection. Personally, rarity isn't as meaningful as having something that stands out in my mind associated with a particular mount.

    "This was my first holiday mount." or "I got this in ICC 10 with my friends when it was current." or "I got this from the Cryptozoic people at my first PAX East." running through my head means infinitely more to me than crap like "What's the rarest thing I own? I should be sure to idle on it in town."

    Eff that. Each mount tells a story.

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    Made this one for teh lulz ages ago and it still perfectly describes my feelings towards rarity vs looks. Even though I do prefer the tiger over anything else (the main reason why I don't bother collecting any other mounts) I'm still pretty much tied to it. The first thing I thought when I bought the last T3 piece I needed was "might just sell all my tier sets now because this is the only transmog I will ever use untill the end of WoW".
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    I like to have a theme with my mounts. My main is an undead rogue so I bought her the armoured bloodwing while it was half price. I also lucked out and got my hands on the crimson deathcharger not long ago so I use that as my ground mount (despite the bloodwing being a ground and flying mount I don't use it for the former because it just takes up too much space with the gigantic wingspan and everything. I prefer to just get my horse out when I can't fly).
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    A mount can look good, but when you see x amount of them in the same area it does feel a tad sheepy to be riding the same one.

    My biggest issue with mounts is the whole duping issue we had with the TCG ones. The Spectral Tiger especially, I remember when it was a rare sighting, now they are so common. I rarely ride my TCG mounts now just because they feel so... dirty, and not as prestigious as they should be.

    Might sound special snowflakey, but if you are willing to invest real money or a lot of gold into something then it should be something special.

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    Yes this is basic human psycology, but not as simple as rarity = worth. But perhaps more work = more worth. to get that rare mount you maybe had to put in a lot of work and thus it has great worth to you due to the amount of work you put in to acquire it. perfectly normal

    example: If I gave you a goldmedal, you wouldn't feel any worth in it, but if you had won the same medal in a competition you'd worked hard for BAM the same medal now has worth for you.
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