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  • Tank

    29 19.73%
  • Healer

    42 28.57%
  • Damage Dealer

    62 42.18%
  • No favorite

    14 9.52%
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    I put DPS down. I enjoy tanking as well, but lack the confidence to do so in Raids and such.
    Normally i preferred being a "Support" DPS. I wanted to be a Shadow priest in TBC so i could be a mana battery for healers and such over the chart-topping damage dealer.

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    DPS. I find tanking and healing too stressful haha. Lot of respect for those that do and are good at it.

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    I like all three roles, but when it comes to raiding I usually prefer dpsing because it's not as dependant, sort of?

    Healing is fun aswell, but I get way too stressed when I've healed before atleast.

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